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  • 2013 Scion iQ Base in Orange
    24,439 miles
    Dealer:  (8)
    6.2 mi away
    Stock# PJ023542


    Est. Loan: $163/mo
    Good Deal!Good Deal!

    Howdy Honda - Austin / Texas

    Located 6 miles away from Austin, TX

    Dealer Review:

    Chris JACKSON (all-caps b/c there are multiple Chrises ...Chrisses... Chrisii(?) at Howdy) and Chris Hobbick... DYNAMITE team! i’m now a born-again Honda guy thanks to the all-new 2018 Accord. My friends are all laughing at me because i just gave up my fully-loaded 2015 Tesla P85D ($130k purchase price) at the end of its lease... and moved to the 2018 Accord LX (~$22-25k). Yes, the base model. With cloth interior. And a seat ya gotta jack up and down w a manual handle (i’m single, and its only driver. After adjusting the seat ONCE, when do i ever adjust it again other than to lie down?). In gray. So i don’t have to wash it too often. With not one single additional add-on. i LOVE(D) my Tesla but it was getting to be a pain because my stupid HOA couldn't figure out how to get charging installed in my building even after pre-warning them for 1.5 years before I leased, and now still after 3 years through my lease! I'd be using public chargers and the supercharger in San Marcos, grabbing Taco Bell twice per week and sitting there through my lunch break... not ideal. Still, i got to sit on my high horse and say i was driving an all-electric, environmentally friendly car… yada yada (and, yes, I'm fully aware of allll the arguments about electric NOT being all that environmentally friendly as it's just pushing the carbon emissions elsewhere... a discussion for another place). Anyhow, electrics aren’t in my near future again until my HOA gets their act together… so looked for an ICE w good mileage/emissions ratings. FYI, i usually/historically HATE auto dealerships. This is one of the reasons i loved Tesla... no real 'dealership'... one price for all... but Tesla is a different beast then the rest anyhow, so if you're in that market you're probably not in the market for a Honda as well. i’m different than most. A rare bird.... i got RANGE!! :-p In any case, not sure if the others are all awesome as well, but Chris JACKSON is the sales guy i was lucky enough to be plugged into when i headed into Howdy... and he knocked it outta the park! i hate, Hate, HATE when i see salespeople that don't know their own products, let alone some products from their competitors in the same class/space. A few days ago, i had called ahead to Howdy to let them know i was heading their way and they put me through to Chris JACKSON. i told him i knew it was getting within an hour of closing time, but was interested in checking out the Accord… but possibly the Civic as well (they've updated these a lot and they've gotten a lot better too). When i got there, Chris had already pulled the keys for 4 or 5 cars and had them ready for me to check out. He had solid knowledge of both models, and the various trims and packages. A few things he didn't know (he's only new to Honda as of 2 weeks ago, coming over from Nissan)... but he didn't BS me and instead researched the questions in a short time and gave me the correct answers! Go figure!?!! On top of all that, was pleasant to chat with, and had a great sense of humor. All around great sales guy! With other dealerships i went to (this time, namely Toyota (for their Camry), and Hyundai (Sonata)), i did the same... but when i would get there and sit around forEVER and have them offer me a bottle of water 10 times before they managed to find ONE damn key and pull around that car. 30-45 mins to check out ONE car?!? God forbid i should want to check out a second! Ain't nobody got time fo dat! On top of all that, both of those cars still have quite a bit of catching-up to do w the new 2018 Accord (and even the Camry despite it being a class lower). At closing today, i dealt with their Finance Director, Chris HOBBICK. Also a great guy. We very well could have knocked out all the paperwork in probably 20 mins, 30 at the most. But we had a great convo going, and ended up chatting for prob another hour on top of the actual paperwork. Like Chris JACKSON, Chris HOBBICK had excellent organization skills. He had the paperwork done properly to minimize confusion, and clearly explained what all needed further detailing. i had some questions which he could not answer (due to it being more of a sales/product question rather than a finance issue)… and like Chris JACKSON i’ll be damned if he didn’t find the right answers out from the correct people!! He also talked me through a few things i probably should (and did) buy, but was not at all pushy about them nor for the other products in which i had no interest. Lastly, i will direct y’all to see my picture: i’m Indian. Honda (though Toyota as well) is encoded in my genes about as strongly as the Taco Bell gene. Being Indian, i also know my pricing. Like REALLY well. They were able to hammer out a great price for me, and for that along with their great salesmanship have earned my business for years to come (as if this glowing review didn’t already give that away). BOTTOM LINE: EXCELLENT 5-STAR EXPERIENCE AT HOWDY HONDA

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2013 Scion iQ Base with USB Inputs, Tire Pressure Warning, Rear Bench Seats, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, Stability Control.
    Engine: 4-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    37 Combined MPG (36 City/37 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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I can't stop smiling"
"I can't stop smiling since I've had it" was my response when a lady who practically ran across the parking lot asked how I liked it. I've had others taking pictures of it on their phones, people missing their "green light" at intersections because they were staring at it, another fella in a cammed up Corvette laugh with me when I motioned that I'd race him off the light. I never would have thought that this little commuter car would be such a blast to drive. It's smooth, quiet, roomy, solid and quick off the light. I drive alone, so I folded the back seats down, bought the cargo carpet and use it as a hatchback.
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