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  • 2004 Pontiac Vibe  in Silver
    146,584 miles
    24 mi away
    No accidents, 1 Owner, Personal Use
    Good Deal


    $451 Below Market
  • 2004 Pontiac Vibe  in Red
    113,359 miles
    29 mi away
    2 Accidents, 1 Owner, Personal Use


  • 2003 Pontiac Vibe GT
    216,960 miles
    12 mi away
    1 Accident, 3 Owners, Personal Use

    Not Listed

  • 2006 Pontiac Vibe  in Dark Red
    160,122 miles
    16 mi away
    No accidents, 3 Owners, Personal Use

    Not Listed

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Showing 1 - 4 out of 4 listings

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Vanessa, my vivacious Vibe
I have had this car for 5 years now. Bought it used with 40,000 miles on it, and it now as 204,000 and still drives like it always has! I used it to commute to and from college (approx. 1-1.5hr highway) for 2 years, took it from PA to FL once, and PA to NC probably 30 times. I'm a big traveler, and this car is great in all situations. First let me start by saying the AWD is unbeatable. I've driven trucks and SUV's that handle worse in the snow than this little beast. I used to live up in a mountainous area, where we always got at least 6 more inches of snow than the surrounding areas, and it does just fine going up and down steep hills in the snow, and yes, even ice. I am an avid snowboarder, so not only does it have ample room in the back with the wagon-like set up and the seats folding down for all of me and my friends' gear, but any time a snowstorm is coming in we PREFER to take my vehicle out just because its capability and reliability in a snowstorm situation. I've driven this on Interstate 80 through a PA snowstorm up in the Poconos with 10inches of snow (at least) on the highway and never had any trouble or loss of traction (keep in mind, some good all-season tires are worth their weight in $ too!). As far as non-inclement weather trips go, I average about 33mpg on highway trips, with a record of 39mpg over 500miles. Not bad for this car! City is like they rate it for, right around 26-28mpg. On our trip to Florida for spring break one year, my friends and I used the handy little 115v two-prong outlet in the front to run an Xbox to keep us busy and entertained on our trip down! It has neat little features like that. I have also moved a series of 5 times, and filled that car up to the brim. The seats fold down in the back (and the passenger), and they actually fold FLAT, and have a hard back so it's almost like having a mini truck. This has been useful soooooo many times, and the interior holds up to this abuse. Nothing is damaged save for a few minor scratches on "the bed liner", and the seats are suuupper comfy even for a guy like me (im 6'2"). Being a childish college student, I have not always driven this car easy as well. One of my favorite things to do with it back in the day would be reverse donuts in a wet or snow-filled empty parking lot (not recommended). That kind of beating would wear on most cars, but I've never had any issues with the transmission or engine or anything for that matter. That being said, I love this car, and I have always been very meticulous with the maintenance. The manual recommends an oil change every 4-6,000 miles. I change it every 3. I rotate the tires and check the fluid levels. They say with Toyotas, as long as you keep up with the maintenance, the car will last you forever. I can attest to this! (being that it is the sister car of the toyota matrix). The toyota transmission has handled hill after hill and beating after beating with no trouble. Still shifts like the day I got it. smooooottthhh. I wish I owned the GT so I had a little more acceleration, but it still does great in high traffic, high speed, merging situations. My only complaint, and I have seen this in a toyota matrix, is the gear lights next to the shifter had gone out and that some idiot biker ran into my passenger door and left a little dent. If you're looking into this car and want something reliable, useful, and long-lasting, look no further. Do yourself a favor and pick one up for super cheap.
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