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Maintain your car - No problems!!!!
Grand AM GT for me!,12/04/2010
I am sitting here laughing my backside off at all the complaints. All but a few are due to lack of maintaince, just plain ignorance in taking care of a car, and the attitude "if it ain't broke don't fix it"! For instance the clicking in the dash is nothing but cleaning the turn signal wires on the blinker control. I bought my 2004 Grand Am Gt, loaded, used, with 57000 miles on it. It had everything original even the tires. I am still driving it as I bought it cause someone took great care of it and maintained it as any intelligent will do. Get off your backside "crybabies" and read the manual or can't you read???? Great car, no proglems! Always blame someone else for your troubles!! Duh!
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