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Consumers Review the Oldsmobile Cutlass

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Solid Car, Surpassed Expectations
3/14/16 I bought this car for $2,200 in 2015 with 78,000 miles on it from a mechanic, and I am pleased to say that I have totally fallen in love with this car. The 3.1 V6 engine is rated at 155 HP at 4800 RPM's, but it has way more power than one would initially suspect. This car powers through Ohio snow very well, and it purrs like a 3000 lb kitten doing so. The transmission shifts smoothly and quietly, and the fluids are easily accessible (which is good, because topping off is an absolute must due to minor leaks). The best part, however, was the car's reliability. It starts like a champ every time, in 100 degree weather and bitter winter deep freezes. I have often seen others unable to start their cars on my street after a winter storm , but my car always starts! The interior is very nice, with leather seats and extra features not readily available at the time (power mirrors, power seats, automatic headlights, etc.) I have had a few minor issues, including belt wear, no a/c, and that awful abs light that wont shut off, but these are minor (I hate abs systems anyway). I have put plenty of love into it, like custom resonated exhaust for a bit of sound, remote start, PLX bluetooth engine monitoring system and more, along with chrome wheels and trim. It looks like a modern luxury Buick now! Do yourself a favor and buy! 85,000 miles and still going strong. Update: 2/3/17 For a quick update, not too much has changed. One thing I have noticed now at 91,000 miles is that the V6 is really starting to show poor acceleration. It takes forever to get up the highway ramp. Still starts perfectly. Climate control on this car seems to be a never-ending issue, but I wouldn't attribute that to the car in general. Rust is really starting to kick in, as I have read is common with Olds cars. The exhaust system is under constant siege by rust (I live in Cleveland, Ohio, which undoubtedly accelerates the wear) and I have had a fair amount of welding done to fix the issues. Minor fluid loss (esp. coolant) occurs over time as well, I check and usually need to top off the oil and coolant once a month. Other than that, it still starts, runs, and is very reliable despite being 19 years young.
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