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Consumers Review the Nissan Cube

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1.8 With Good CVT - Bang!
Measuring the Toyota XB, Hundai Tuson, and Kia Soul for dollars and sense. The Cube came on top for me. If you are seeking 100% Japan made econo utility vehicle with functionality, the Cube is a home run. It s an excellent commuter and can comfortably travel long distances. The wind does become turbulent and feels light in the front end above 80 mph, but what other encono -vehicle doesn't. You drive any 15 to 20 K$ car and tell me it drives like BMW feel at 80 mph. I think people tend to get over critical on value vs. quality. Remember this car was made in Japan for 10 years before coming to the states. It is a small multi-purpose vehicle for 30 mpg on regular. This is a great car for the US
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