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Consumers Review the Nissan 300ZX

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TT Stands for T-tops, and Twin Turbocharging
On the Twin Turbo models (VG30DETT), the Vehicles are either equipped with Hydraulic, or Electronic Super HICAS (All Wheel Steer) Steering. That means the rear wheels turn the opposite way of the front wheels to maximize turning potential. You may need to learn how to get used to this before using your vehicle for any type of track driving. When picking After Market Rims for this vehicle, Also remember that (on the Twin Turbo models) the Rear Rims/Tires are Wider than the Front Rims/Tires. The Same can be said for remembering this when you purchase new tires, meaning don't ONLY go by the tire size as written on the FRONT or REAR tires & assume that all four wheels are the SAME size. The tires wont be radials so no need to rotate. 120,000K Miles is the limit for the serpentine Belt as well as the recommended fluid flush/refill. Some Nissan 300ZX Models are not equipped with Twin Turbochargers, Twin Inter-coolers, Super HICAS AWS, or Wider Rear Wheels. Those models which are Naturally Aspirated have an Engine Code Name VG30DE Which differs from the Turbo Engine code (VG30DETT). Both Engine options come with 5-Speed Manual, or 4-Speed Auto Transmissions. The Nissan 300ZX Z32 (1989-2000 Europe,Asia)(1990-96 North America) Model was available in three body types 1: 2 Seater Coupe 2: 4 Seater Coupe 3: 2 Seater Convertible. Both 2+0 and 2+2 coupes offered a rare Slick top opposed to the T-tops.
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