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Consumers Review the Nissan 200SX

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450000 miles and still going
Dale W Clark,02/09/2016
I bought this car new as a left over in March of 97. I was a Navy Seabee reservist and drove from cost to cost for the next 17 years. I have hit 4 deer and one jeep and the jeep just put a scratch on my front bumper but the deer did several thousand $$$$$ damage each time, but the value of the car was still high enough that the insurance company fixed it. Since I have retired I have continued to drive my Nissan 200sx as it still gets 53 mpg going over the Rockies. I get 45+ on local trips. Yes, I have rebuilt the engine just recently and replaced the 5 speed trany, wore the 5th gear teeth off and the 4th gear down also. I got 235000 miles out of the original timing chain. If you have one of these cars, keep it its worth it weight in gold as far as I'm concerned. I just replaced a length of brake line and a section of AC pressure line. AC will freeze you. Heater is so good I leave it set on low and still lower the window some. I have a MB and even though it is a great car my Nissan is my choice for me when I'm alone for the ride. Its like the everyready battery commercial "It just keeps going, going, going."
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