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Outlander Replaces Highlander
Jonathan Paul Quick,09/22/2018
UPDATE: We installed an L2 home charger for the Outlander at a cost of around $700. Home recharge times are now typically in the 2 - 3 hour range after a full day of driving. On my 64 mile round trip work commute, I am averaging 51 MPG. This vehicle is posting phenomenal MPG results far above the EPA average. Fuel efficiency is truly astonishing given the fact that the Outlander is a mid-size 4WD SUV with 63 cubic feet of space in the trunk. We love this vehicle platform so much that I decided to trade-in a late model Hybrid sedan for a 2nd Mitsubishi Outlander SEL PHEV this weekend. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've spent about a month driving the 2018 Outlander PHEV around 3000 miles around town and short road trips. This vehicle was purchased as a replacement for a 2010 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited. Fuel efficiency has been well above the EPA combined rating. Our worst trip mpg to date was in the mid-thirties. Recharge times with the included 110v wall charger are usually around 5 hours. CHADEMO charging is available in < 20 minutes, but high local rates at area charging stations make this implausible as part of a daily commute. As a daily driver, the vehicle offers all of the creature comforts available from pricier rivals coupled with rock solid build quality. Front and rear passengers are coddled in the quiet cabin, which is free from squeaks, rattles, and jostling over rough roads. Vehicle infotainment controls are logical and easy to operate while driving. The audio system with integrated subwoofer and HDRadio support should satisfy most audiophiles. Modern safety features such as blindside monitoring and collision avoidance perform flawlessly. Outward visibility is excellent and the rear backup camera makes parking a breeze. The powertrain provides adequate acceleration with only a muted groan on heavy acceleration. 4WD is available if needed. Braking distance is at par for the class. Handling feels more truck-like than most crossovers. The climate control system outperforms pricier rivals. Cargo capacity and passenger space easily outclasses comparably price rival SUVs. Although many vehicles are now sold with embedded modems that enable remote features, the Outlander is limited to WiFi connectivity with cellphones. Many features such as remote start/stop, lock / unlock, and climate controls are controllable via cellphone, but inaccessible unless owners are with 10 - 20 feet of the vehicle. At roughly $26k after the federal tax credit, the Outlander offers a tremendous value for the price when compared with rivals from Toyota, Honda, and domestic manufacturers. I would strongly recommend that prospective SUV buyers take a test drive to see why the Outlander PHEV has been the #1 PHEV SUV in Europe for the last 5 years.
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