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  • 2009 Mitsubishi Galant ES in Off White/Cream
    131,968 miles
    Dealer:  (0)
    24.1 mi away
    Stock# 11947--R1


    Est. Loan: $82/mo
    Great Deal!
    Great Deal!
    $1,044 Below Market

    Prestige Auto Sports - North Hollywood / California

    Located 24 miles away from Torrance, CA

    Really nice condition. Gas saver. Clean title. Strong engine and transmission. Come for a test drive. 30 day limited warranty. We finance everyone (O.A.C) Free Carfax report available. Trade in welcome. Bad credit OK, first time buyer OK. Extended warranty available. Prestige Auto Sports Inc. 8187614900

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2009 Mitsubishi Galant ES with Tire Pressure Warning, Rear Bench Seats, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel.
    Engine: 4-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    23 Combined MPG (20 City/27 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

  • 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES
    107,324 miles
    Stock photo © EVOX Images
    Dealer:  (2)
    22.6 mi away
    Stock# 276952695

    Not Listed

    North Hollywood Toyota - North Hollywood / California

    Located 23 miles away from Torrance, CA


    Dealer Review:

    WORST Toyota Dealership I've ever been in to buy a car. Don't be tempted by "low quotes online" from them -- THEY WON'T EVEN HONOR THEIR OWN EMAILED QUOTES. It's all to get you in, then the LIES, GAMES and SCAMS begin. Was looking to get a 2017 Prius (1) Got a confirmed price quote from them thru Edmunds. Printed it out, with the VIN. Color and trim I wanted. (2) Made an appointment to see the car. Called the night before to verify car was actually in stock and quote price was valid and would be honored. Was told yes, quote was good, they would have the car ready for me the next morning at that price. (3) Showed up. Test-drove car. Then when it was time to buy, the lies and games begin. (4) First was told "Oh no, we can't honor our quote. It's a mistake. Sorry." They would NOT honor their own Guaranteed Emailed Edmunds Quote! (And the emailed, verified quote was no mistake -- it was barely under MSRP!) But they suddenly would not honor it, and wanted hundreds more. Yup. Really. (5) In ADDITION, we were told that on TOP of that, for ALL NEW CARS at this dealership, they put on 99c pieces of sticky-tape (literally looks like it came from the 99c Only store!) -- for which they charge you an additional $500 markup. Oh what fun. And they won't take it off. (6) So all of a sudden it's "We won't honor our own emailed, guaranteed quote from yesterday (that was also voice verified the night before as being good) -- it's going to be hundreds more. PLUS on TOP of that, it will be ANOTHER $500 for the 99c sticky tape we just put on." (7) As is typical for this game of screw-the-customer, it's always the fault of "the boss" somewhere in back. (8) But when I asked to speak to the boss, was not allowed to. (9) So walked out the door and left. (10) While driving away, called Edmunds to lodge a complaint, giving them my Quote #. (11) 20 minutes later as we were driving down the freeway to another dealership, North Hollywood called back, said fine, for us they'd change their mind and finally honor their quote (as they're obliged to do in the first place) -- and would "lower" the price of their 99c sticky tape from $500 to $200. This on a car ALREADY with a huge margin for them, at close to MSRP. Your choice whether you want to deal with SCAMS like this. I saw the negative reviews for North Hollywood, but went anyway, due to the "guaranteed" quote they gave -- which they simply refused to honor, actually saying "it's the only time we've ever made such a mistake where we won't honor our 'guaranteed' quote." Uh-huh. Right. There was no mistake (the quote was BARELY under MSRP! But it was the color and trim level I wanted). Oh, the salesman will be nice and everything will seem fine -- until you sit down to do the paperwork. Then the LIES and SCAMS begin. Don't be afraid to JUST WALK OUT -- FOR REAL. And go to another dealership. They're betting most people WON'T actually walk out -- then they get their $$$ by SCAMMING you after successfully baiting you in. Better yet, save your time and just AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP COMPLETELY. There are SO MANY OTHER Toyota dealerships around (just Google to see how many!) that Don't treat their customers with contempt. Oh, they'll lure you in with a great, low "guaranteed" quote. NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT'S PRINTED ON. Don't say you haven't been warned.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2000 Mitsubishi Galant ES.
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    21 Combined MPG (19 City/26 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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