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  • 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144 WB Passenger in White
    42,791 miles
    Dealer:  (0)
    17.6 mi away
    Stock# 290871442


    Est. Loan: $637/mo
    Great Deal!
    Great Deal!
    $5,461 Below Market

    San Mateo Auto Sales - San Mateo / California

    Located 18 miles away from San Francisco, CA

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2016 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144 WB Passenger with USB Inputs, Tire Pressure Warning, Rear Bench Seats, Third-row seating, Stability Control.
    Engine: 4-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: rear wheel drive

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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Sprinter 4x4 Family Hauler
Eric Hibma,01/17/2016
We sold our 2012 Mercedes Sprinter, which we loved, for a 2015 Sprinter 4x4. We needed the 4x4 as we live on a hill that gets icy and snowy in the winter. With 2wd there is so much torque coming from the turbodiesel that even with Blizzak snow tires we had trouble getting out. With the 4x4 this is a true go-anywhere vehicle! By the way, this is a 6 cylinder model, but Edmunds would give that option for writing the review. The 4x4 (which is actually an AWD system that can be engaged or disengaged) is only available with the 6 cyl engine. We have 8 children, so our family vehicle options are very limited. We drove Chevy express vans and they were horrible! This is the best van available for this size family. It is definitely far from perfect, but still the best available. Update 4/2016: We just completed another trip from Michigan to Alabama and had to leave with a freak April snow storm. We had 3 hours of pure ice highways to contend with and had to leave the 4x4/AWD system engaged on the highway all the way south to Indianapolis. It worked great even when having to pass in the ice and snow and held the van stable even though our snow tires are put away for the season. 4/2017 update. 34,000 miles in and the van has been great. Had a failure of the auxiliary heaters that was thankfully repaired under warranty, otherwise would have cost a couple thousand dollars. We still love it! We just went to IKEA and could haul everything without having to take out any seats. Pros: -strong, efficient motor -4x4!! -each seat has a head rest -rubber flooring that is easy to clean -comfortable impact-absorbing front seats. -the HID headlights are wonderful for night visibility -heats up quickly in the winter with the auxiliary heater. With the roof height it is ideal for getting the kids' coats off and buckled in their car seats -the crosswind assist is definitely a nice feature that has made driving this on the highway much nicer compared to our 2012 model. -decent towing capacity -good backup camera -great side mirrors with blind spot mirrors. -pass-through cabin so that a parent can get back and forth to help the kids on trips. -finally a USB connection so I can plug in my iphone -excellent gas mileage for such a large vehicle -excellent storage capacity inside the van. Carry-on luggage items fit under the seats! -You can slide large items all the way through the van under the seats (I did have to build a divider to keep our groceries from sliding all the way to the front of the van, but I love that I can fit lumber along the floor of the van even with all the kids loaded up) Cons: -the 4x4 system is quite an antiquated system. When engaged it is awesome, but very hard to get engaged unless the van is on level ground. You need to be going less than 5mph while moving before it can engage (no on-the-fly engaging really). Once engaged this is awesome and we even took this off roading to one of our favorite hikes. It made it through some incredible ruts and washouts that I was not expecting. -the brakes squeal (our 2012 model had the same issue). It is intermittent and not terrible, but still annoying. -only one intermittent setting for the wipers which is just dumb. -there are some rattles as we go down our dirt road. It sounds like a cargo van at times on our dirt road, but still much better than the Chevy did. -radio and sound quality are so-so. Better than the 2012 model. -a very sensitive traction control system. Trying to go through deep snow the van's computer wants to apply the brakes to avoid even the slightest wiggle from the rear end. I want to keep up my speed and maintain forward progress and have to fight the van to go in deep snow sometimes. Now with 4x4 this is much better, and not really an issue any more unless I leave the van in 2wd. Even when turning off traction control if there is rear slippage it will automatically re-engage. This is horribly annoying. -no automatic headlights -I still cannot remove the last row of seating, which is the one you would want to remove the most. The first 2 rows of passenger seating is easily removable with 2 people. The seats are heavy, but they come out through the large slider door well. -we have had intermittent issues of the slider door mechanism freezing in severe cold here in Michigan. It is easy to correct, but it seems like that could be improved. -dealerships are often far away unless you live in a city. The nearest dealerships to us are 1-2.5 hrs away. Update 4/2018: we had failure of the second auxiliary heater and won’t be replacing that as it is no longer under warranty. We have had 2 check engine codes that were due to faulty sensors and repaired under warranty in the past 4 months. We still love this van. I wish they had a 15 passenger version of a sprinter 4x4!
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