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So many lemons, finally.. a peach! @<3myLSE
Terran 'papabur' Schatz,07/31/2016
The sports package edition(aka the LSE) are V8's...just so everyone knows..if you see a spoiler and a sunroof, its most likely the V8 sports edition (LSe) I personally have owned a 2002 Lincoln LSE(yep, sports package, with rims-sun roof-etc) since 2011 and it has by far been one of the most enjoyable vehicles I've owned. When i went to test drive this car, I was ready to give up for the day as I had already looked/test drove 15+ other cars throughout the day. She was hidden, in the back of the car a black stallion calmly awaiting its called to me. Per the usual, I asked to test drive her and was handed the keys. Once I hit the key fob, the interior lights came on as I was approaching the driver side door and I could see the interior through the light tinted windows...leather..wood grain.."Yep, its a Lincoln." I said to myself and popped the door open to climb in. First off, the heated leather bucket seats are by far the most comfortable I have ever had the pleasure of owning....after a minute or two of taking it all in..enjoying the smell of the leather..all the fun buttons n gadgets..something magical happened..I put the key in and all of the sudden my seat is moving@! and the steering wheel moves out(tords you) and down, perfectly in front of me!!! At this point, I come back down to earth, and growing up with a mechanic, I instantly start disecting... 93k miles showed on the meter..everything worked(electronically), Oil preasure was good..Temp was holding steady, idle sounded like a cute lil kitten, purring its way through a Milo and Ottis dream..too good to be true...too goo to be true is all I kept telling myself. I barely even got the car off the lot when I knew...I had to have it...considering the money came from my grandfather passing away, I felt like this was the car he would have wanted me to get. So, I paid $6500 cash and drove it off the lot right then n there and haven't looked back since. As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I bought the vehicle in 2011 with roughly 95k miles and other then common maintance, have not had any major issues with this vehicle..well other then that stupid AdvancTrac bullshit that likes to beep for like 5 minutes everytime I start the car...other then that, the car has been a tank for me and I constantly drive back and forth to/from Portland OR. to Spokane WA. and again, the comfort of this vehicle on the highway is par to none...rides very smoothly with its equal 50/50 front/back weight ratio (...hince why the battery is in the trunk!) and loves to hug corners! I highly recommend this car to anyone, young or old, who is just looking for a comfortable, nice looking ride that can pass everything but a gas station! Strong Ford motors...and as far as people complaining about electrical stuff going out...thats because they either mistreated the car in bad weather, etc. OR they are just lazy and rather come complain on a forum then actually look into addressing the issues (such as windows coming off track..) Most of the electrical work can be done fairly easy...anyways, hope you traded for the LS!! :D
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