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Not up to date!
Eduard Emil,11/25/2016
I think I purchased the first one sold in wisconsin. It's a beautiful smooth car with two problems. Using the push button shifter, its very easy to mistakenly push the Reverse button instead of the Park button. That could cause a serious accident if you don't double check which button you pushed before taking your foot off the break. Second annoyance is that the GPS is out of date because it doesn't accept addresses that my 3 year old Tom Tom in my truck or my PC's Mapquest does. It also displays out of date speed limits i.e., I-43 in Wisconsin is 70 mph, the GPS says its the old 65 mpg changed two years ago. I noticed this on other roads too, completely not up to date. I am sure they figured on this for a future upgrade for $400 in a year or so as they did with my old 2010 MKS. I complained about this to the dealer and they basically told me "what you got you got," I called the Lincoln company and they sent me to a website where I could have spent the next two years of my limited life trying to figure it out. I think for $74,000 they should take care of it!
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