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Consumer Reviews for the Lexus IS 500

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5 out of 5 stars

I love it!

_thejurb_, 12/22/2021
2022 Lexus IS 500
Ok so first I’m not sure what other reviewer was talking about. Clearly he/she didn’t order the car and maybe just isn’t a true Lexus fan. I inquired about the Launch edition months ago with Hendrick Lexus in Charlotte NC. Due to the chip shortage and supply chain issue things got held up a bit. Did they ask for a deposit? Yes (and why wouldn’t they?) however I said if they could … promise me a launch edition I would give them the money down. They said they couldn’t and would put me on the list to call if they could. About a month and a half later my phone rang…”we have a launch edition do you want to secure it?” Ummmm yes! I gave them 2500.00. Hendrick dealerships DO NOT charge above sticker. I paid sticker price for the limited edition trim plus the typical fees of course tint and the stuff they add to make a little extra. The car was 71k and change for one of 500 launches. The premium trim is in the low to mid 60k range and is almost the same but not limited. Considering what you are getting… N/A V8. Lexus quality. 1800 watt 17 speaker stereo that is amazing…. Well never mind. I don’t need to sell it to you. If you are buying something like this you should know what to expect. This is a Toyota/Lexus product. It is a swan song as V8s are going the way of the dodo bird. It is a premium product that lands you in a sweet spot between Mercedes’ and BMW. This car regardless of what trim you buy it in will appreciate in value and will have a enthusiast following. If you don’t believe me look at the ISF from 2007. This is the same engine people finely tuned for this car as well as the LC500 and the RCF. I could talk cars all day but I’ve owned quite a few in my day and I chose this one specifically because i know it will not only be reliable but also functional. Will it beat a new M3? No it won’t but there is a significant cost difference to get it nicely equipped and again Lexus reliability. This car will do 0-60 in 4.4 and will toss you back in your seat. I’m not a Lexus fan boy but a car enthusiast. I’m shocked they built this car but I’m glad they did and exterior to down one of the 500 launch editions. Do your research and buy what makes you happy!!! Also for those who don’t know. The IS500 was made only for America. If you think for one second Europeans won’t want this then think again. If you are even on the fence. Buy it… drive it a couple years and then toss it online.
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