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Why do the rotors need turning after 3000 miles??
Cheryl Maggi,01/07/2016
Fourth Lexus and second hybrid. At first, it was a dream to drive. Very comfortable and solid on the road, plenty of responsiveness in corners and in braking. As it is mostly driven by a little old lady on Sundays, I assumed it would be as reliable as the last couple. I was wrong. On the first scheduled maintenance visit, we noted the the Ac no longer blew cold and the brakes felt a little mushy. After two days at the dealership, we were informed that rodents had chewed several wires, causing the AC to no longer work, the radio to act funny, and other sundry issues that showed up during a thorough inspection. Also, asphalt had caked the underside of the car, causing the rotors to need to be turned. They suggested that we contact our insurance agency to get all this fixed. I think this is ridiculous, as the previous cars never had a problem with asphalt caking, or AC losing freon, or the radio stations not wanting to change after several minutes of scanning. I am very unhappy with this, and am looking into other cars.
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