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Consumers Review the INFINITI Q70

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What a terrible and biased review by Edmunds
It's really a shame how Edmunds trashed the review of this beautiful car as so many customers rely on accurate, unbiased review from major sites such as Edmunds. I had the chance to drive this car for couple thousand miles. It's definitely not the most competitive in the class, but Edmunds' review is absolutely terrible and biased. Their whole article screams one sentence - buy German car, don't buy Q70. "no Q70 variant truly stands out in the crowd"??? Seriously??? Look at how many A6 and E class are on the road, and you tell me Q70 does not stand out? To be completely honest Q70 isn't the most attractive design but it has a very strong presence when you see it. Oh and I see Edmunds gave 1 star for Q70's technology. Sure the tech is not up to date, the screen is not the most crisp and the largest. BUT even for today's standards I found the system very intuitive and easy to use even for the first time, and the NAV never got me a problem. Now it comes where Edmunds lose all the credit, where in the driving aids section it says "It's almost unheard of in this class for items such as blind-spot monitoring and forward collision warning to be optional." What a joke. I guess you are just ignoring the fact that German cars nickel and dime you for every single piece of desirable feature? And not to mention Q70 is one of the most reliable luxury cars in the market right now! If you enjoy paying repair bills and loaner cars from the dealer - go ahead and buy German and enjoy.
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