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    Can't Stop Driving it!

    Miketnsa1, 01/28/2019
    2008 INFINITI M35
    I acquired this immaculate one owner car in November 18' from a neighbor with 32k original miles. My intention was to flip the car, but I can't stop driving it as it now has 45k on the odometer! The engine was a little rough at idle but that changed instantly with the first fill up of 93 Oct Fuel which my neighbor wasn't using. We just drove a 2019 E300 Mercedes for about 3wks while my … Wife's car was in service. And if you ignore the Mercedes eye candy like the huge screen and awesome ambient lighting is was clear our 11yr old M35 was quieter, and handled better, and was more powerful than the $66,000 E300. And I recently read that the term, "No replacement for displacement" was a myth today. That smaller 4cyl engines can now perform better than V6's and some V8's...WRONG! There's a HUGE difference between a Mercedes 2.0L and my Infinity 3.5L... It's not just how fast a car gets to 60mph? How many times have you ever waited for the stoplight to turn green and then put your foot to the floor for 6 to 7 seconds? If your like 99% of America... NEVER! The tiny 2.0L 4 cylinder Turbo in the 2019 sounds like a cheap sewing machine at idle. The Infinity M35's 75% larger V6 sounded much more substantial and smooth. Under moderate acceleration the Mercedes sounded loud and cheap like a entry level 4cyl economy car. The M35 under moderate acceleration will make you smile with an exhaust growl that is indeed music to the ears. However, under normal acceleration it is very quiet. Hwy cruising in the Mercedes on lightly rolling hills between San Antonio and Dallas the E300 did not have the power to hold 9th gear. It had to gear down to 8th and sometimes 7th gear to maintain 75mph... I just took the M35 on a trip from San Antonio to Ohio where there are much steeper grades. And even on the steepest grades in Tenn and KY the Mighty 3.5L pulled every hill without gearing down even once! (there is no replacement for displacement) This M35 pulls hills at highway speeds like our 2012 Mercedes Turbo Diesel S Class, and it has a massive 455ft if torque. I can't speak for any late model Infinity cars. Sales lately are dismal to say the least, but if Infinity made a car like this 08' M35 today with modern ambient lighting, larger Nav screens etc. I don't think they'd have any trouble matching the E300 in sales. Because, (minus the eye candy) this 08' M35 is MORE car than the 2019 Mercedes E300. The bottom line...If I had spent $66k on a new E300 and then drove a low mileage Infinity M35 it would have made it hard to live with my new E300. Especially considering that the first day depreciation of an E300 luxury sedan is more than the entire purchase price of an outstanding low Mileage preowned Infinity M35! We're now at trouble free 64,000mi as of 1/21 and still loving our M35.
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