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Consumers Review the Honda Prelude

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The Black Beauty
thomas dettenmayer,08/29/2018
Bought the car off of a visual effects producer for the iron man movies here off the coast off NC. WILMYWOOD!!! He was on his way to hollywood for bigger and better things. Not a lick of rust. Car did not run off initial purchase. Did the normal tune-up, replaced the battery fuel filter and pump... Ran but had issue bogging out. BAD GAS TANK!!! Completely removed the gas tank, installed a fuel cell in the trunk, (am currently working on a slip-in insert to replace the factory one) after market pump, and regulator, factory filter. Fired right up!!! Drives like a dream. As many have said there is no love in the aftermarket world for this motor(B21A1). Even 27 going on 28 years later this car is slick black, gets hella stares, my mans before me had a dual tip exhaust installed and she roars rather than farts. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
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