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Consumers Review the Honda Prelude

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1998 Coupe with Sport-shift Auto
Dan E.,01/21/2017
This car is a classic now and it still looks and runs great for a 20yr old car. The A/C functions great (very cold!) and the engine has no major issues. The car is pretty light and low to the ground so it handles very well. The seats are ok, comfortable for normal driving but may get uncomfortable on long drives. Back seat is very limited, but will fit adults less than 6ft. Interior materials (dash, carpet, upholstery) have held up well for a car that is 2 decades old; mine still looks perfect. It can fit a child car seat in the back if needed; I was able to fit one for my 3yr old nephew in the back. THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR: These engines are known to burn oil (this is normal on some older cars), so stay on top of oil changes and maintenance. You may need to add a quart of oil or more between oil changes. The Auto transmission may fail if car is abused/raced or neglected. Keep up with maintenance and drive it easy, you'll be fine. Manual transmission should have no issues if you know how to drive. **Update: My car started to leak a little oil from under the engine. This could be isolated to my car only. So that is another thing to look for when buying this car. Check underneath the car if there's any visible oil leaks; could be from a gasket, etc. It does not affect the car's drivability but you will need to get it checked/fixed by a mechanic to stop the oil leak. I also replaced the radiator due to a crack/leak in the old one but this is a wear item. Overall the car still runs well. Just monitor if your car (or one you're looking to buy) has any oil leaks.
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