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Consumers Review the Honda Clarity

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Clarity with design default.
I owned this car for over 3 month. Overall the performance is good with enough Torte power provided by the battery. There are some issues on this car. 1. The mileage range always give a wrong number. Full Tank, Full battery, some time will give 500 to 700 miles. Indeed, Full gas tank approx. 7 gallon & Full Battery you can only drive approx. 350 miles. 2. The air vent right by the door windows is not a good design. Whenever your AC is on, there is always air blow out from that vent, even you change the air blow position to floor only, it create the water condensation to the windows outside, and it block the view to the side mirror, even you try to roll down the window, it doesn't help. It's a safety issue for the driver, you are not able to see the side mirror clearly, especially whenever rains outside.3. Excessive road noisy from underneath whenever at 60 mph or above. And the 1.5 litter engine sometimes run loud on and off. 4.Short full tank mileage range for only 350 miles. Without plug in charging every day, you have to fuel the gas every 10 days for normal commute. 5.Does plug in really save the gas money? Not for this model, the electricity cost to full charge at home is about 3 dollars for 12 hrs with 120v charger, with Full charge you can drive approx. 45 miles. Nowadays, the average regular unlead gas is 3 dollar or less. You can do the math. The MSRP for this plug in is over 33K, maybe you qualify for 7500 fed tax rebate, it still expensive, there is a better choice. If you are not special interested in plug in model for save the green environment, 2018 Honda Accord Hybrid would be much better choice in terms choice overall in msrp price, comfort, and full tank range & MPG. 6. Honda sensing is a joke. It actually creates more dangers situation for the driver. The ACC and land keep assist, migrating land departure often time doesn't work and without warning, And some time it will break un expectly whenever you making a curve turn, and there is car pass by from other direction. If the system doesn't work perfectly, as a driver you don't want to use them and rely on them at all since it often time it will give false move.
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