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F-450 Super Duty
Certified Pre-Owned
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  • 2009 Ford F-450 Super Duty
    131,595 miles
    Dealer:  (1)
    11.9 mi away
    Stock# 284945708


    Est. Loan: $473/mo - Fremont / California

    Located 12 miles away from Sunnyvale, CA

    Dealer Review:

    This could have been so good! But in the end, they stole $1,198 from me in the finance office. Beware of the tricks! Here is the full story: I had been looking for a Tesla S with a specific color and option combo, when one that matched my expectations came-up at I contacted them and got prompt responses with pictures illustrating the things I wanted to know. So I went to see the car. Again, I was treated wonderfully, got all the time I wanted to check it out. There was no negotiating, but the price was reasonable and within kbb range. So I agreed to the purchase price. Only then did I get to test to drive the car. Everything was fine. One ridiculous story was that someone else had made an offer for the car earlier in the day, and just as I was deciding that person supposedly called-in and wanted the car. Yes, right... ;) Next was the finance office. There I learned that the car had been equipped with a tracking device "iTrax" for $1,699, and Express Code/Etch for $199 ($1,898 total). I said I don't want these items, but was told they could not be uninstalled. Not wanting to lose the car, I agreed while my blood quietly started to boil. They had to reattach a door panel and do a few minor things, so we agreed that I would pick-up the car the next day. Upon pick-up I brought-up the iTrax issue with the Manager, and explained that Tesla has vehicle tracking built into its app - so this extra device is completely worthless to me. They agreed to reduce the price to their "cost", which was supposedly $999. This was better than $1,699, but still a complete waste of money for zero value. Another surprise was that there was only one key. I was told they always only have one key for the cars they sell. That's seriously weird and makes me wonder, if they keep one in case they have to repossess the car. When I got home, I did some research on the Internet and found the iTrax device advertised for Golf Carts at $299. Wish I would have known that earlier. This ad also confirms that it's just a box held-on by magnets. Since the Tesla has an aluminum body, this thing just flies around in the glove box, which made it easy to find and compare... I also did some research on the Express Code/Etching and found out that neither law enforcement nor insurances care about this, and there were no traces of etching on the car. That makes those $199 just as useless as the money wasted on the iTrax. This leaves me with the impression that these guys are not nearly as honest as they pretend to be, and try to get buyers cover their cost of protecting theft by forcing them to buy useless services. Too bad - it could have been so nice! So, before you go there, decide if you want to waste $1,898 on Express Code/Etching and iTrax that will NOT give you any insurance discounts later.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2009 Ford F-450 Super Duty with Towing Hitch, AWD/4WD, Rear Bench Seats, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, Aux Audio Inputs.
    Drive Wheel Configuration: four wheel drive

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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