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  • 1997 Ford Escort LX
    48,963 miles
    Dealer:  (5)
    9.8 mi away
    Stock# 10544U

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    Robin Ford - Glenolden / Pennsylvania

    Located 10 miles away from Philadelphia, PA

    You can't go wrong with this Purple 1997 Ford Escort. It has a 2 liter 4 Cylinder engine. It has great mileage with 26 MPG in the city and 34 MPG on the highway. The exterior is a timeless purple. Interested? Call today to take this vehicle for a spin! Contact Information: Robin Ford, 100 N MacDade Blvd, Glenolden, PA, 19036, Phone: (610) 586-1559, E-mail:

    Dealer Review:

    I recently purchased a used Challenger from Robin Ford. The staff at Robin Ford broke the stereotype for a typical car sales deal. They had the car I wanted at a price that was reasonable. From the start, Michelle worked with me and respected my inconvenient "third shift" lifestyle hours. After a night of working, I drove an hour on i95 to test drive the vehicle, and Michelle was already prepared for my arrival . Eric, a product specialist took care of me during the process, allowed me to take my time with the vehicle, test it, and facilitated a fair appraisal on my trade in. I was sold. I purchased the vehicle that morning. Jim was instrumental in disclosing all other pertinent information to my purchase, such as recalls and warranty concerns. I am highly satisfied, and would brave i-95 again during rush hour to deal with this team.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 1997 Ford Escort LX.
    Engine: 4-cylinders
    Drive Wheel Configuration: front wheel drive
    28 Combined MPG (24 City/34 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No
    Listed since: 10-16-2018

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Just won't die
Bought it for 300 dollars, interior was immaculate, had just under 120k on it, someone forgot to replace the timing belt as scheduled, after looking in the cylinders with a horoscope I decided to try just a timing belt kit, new water pump (good logic to do both at the same time as the water pump is a pain in the a** if you don't do it without the motor elevated) and new idler and tensioner pulleys. After that half days work it busted right off and sounded like a pocket watch ever since, it has just under 240k on it now seeing as I drive 130 miles every day. The seats are comfortable enough if you're not a 6 foot 9 Leviathan like me. Surprised that it has legroom enough for me as well. The car is great for 1 or 2 people but if your back seat passengers are anything bigger than kids they're going to be quite cramped, that and the 130 horse 2.0 dohc motor begins to lug down, but come on, it's a 90s economy car what do you expect out of it. Now if it's just me by myself the car performs quite well surprisingly, the handling is very tight and responsive ( if you maintain the front end) it loves interstate driving though it doesn't really like anything above 80 for long distance driving, the ride is very firm but still comfortable enough, braking is very responsive even with the age of the car. The automatic transmission is not the best engineered piece of equipment though, around 150 K when I would turn into a parking lot or take off from a stoplight while still in 2nd gear it would begin gear hunting and jar your teeth when it would finally settle on one after about 3 seconds, I was fortunate enough to get ahold of a shift correction and clutch kit, after the rebuild I have had no problems whatsoever out of the trans other than having to change the fluid every 50k, although if you don't like a firm shift I'd go back to a factory rebuild, me personally it's pretty nice. Gas mileage in town stays pretty consistent at 27 for me, and on the interstate if you stay below 80 it actually gets 32. But other than the transmission issues and regular maintenance (which if you're not mechanically inclined I wouldn't do more than change the spark plugs and wires or change the oil and filters, save for the trans filter, seeing as there's a torque mount brace right under the trans pan.) I haven't really had any issues out of the car, I'd honestly have no problem jumping in it right now and tearing off to California and back to Texas. It is definitely a great car for someone looking for a cheap gas saver that won't leave them stranded as long as they take care of it. And I definitely plan on keeping this car until the aftermarket drops support for it seeing as it has served me well.
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