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Consumers Review the Ford Escort

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Bring 'em Back, Ford!!
This is my 3rd zx2 (all leased as new, in 1997, 2000 & 2003. When I found out this is the last year, I bought it. So sad that this will be my last, I love this car! As already noted several times, the rough idle is a drawback. The steering wheel sometimes vibrates so hard at a stoplight that my hands get tingly. But since that is my only complaint, I can live with it. The most comfortable seat I've ever seen (felt) in a small car, it fits like a glove, with great lumbar support. I do think of it as a sports car, I've never subjected anyone to having to ride in the back seat, it just seemes too cramped, although it would probably be fine if you have kids.
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