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Consumers Review the Chevrolet Cavalier

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309,200 miles and still purring
Julie Mays,12/26/2017
4th car I have owned. Last one was good. One before was better. I got hit in my 1995 Beretta with a full tank of gas. The woman was traveling 50 mph. Didn't brake, just plowed into me. I didn't blow up. 4th car is the one I currently drive. I bought a 1998 Cavalier for 700$. She had 184,???, something. 7 years later, I have 309,200. Has a minor oil leak. But I don't mind. I have replaced the starter, water pump, tensioner and passenger side motor mount. Changed the oil and thermostat in 2010. That's it. I know buying any used car is a big gamble. My Cavalier has surprised me over and over again. Under the cushion in the back seat, there's a date burned into the seat padding. My seat was made on my birthday in 1997. Amazing. What I'm saying is. If you want a reliable car that has plenty of get-up-and-go, great on gas mileage and looks good with minimal maintenance, buy a Chevy.
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