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Consumers Review the Buick Roadmaster

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I'm 6'2" and they did it right!
P. Robb,09/26/2006
26 MPG with the A/C on at 6,000 feet and above. I just converted it to E85 Ethanol at $1.99 per gallon and 105 Octane... sweet! This wagon is fast, quiet, roomy, and very dependable! Oh yeah, parts and repairs have been cheap! After all, it's a Chevy driveline! Mine has power front seats, both driver and shotgun. And, I'm certain that anyone with 'headroom issues' has failed to properly lower the seats as I have loads of headroom and armroom and legroom. This wagon is an absolute pleasure to drive. If you seek comfort, spaciousness, and economy at a bargain price, you should look at the 1996 Roadmaster!
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