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The last of the really great American gunboats.
Ray Grib,03/17/2017
First off, I think this is the best looking large American luxury car ever designed. It is rolling sculpture with beautiful curved lines and nothing over-stated. You would think Buick commissioned Jaguar and Italian experts to create this elegant masterpiece. Modern Cadillacs are ugly abortions with hard angular lines and boxy styling. They lost the concept of the big American luxury-liner by trying to compete with German luxury/performance brands. Well guess what...who cares about road ripping performance? The truly great American luxury cars are all about the big floating ride and lush comfort, period. Buick nailed it down right in every category with the Park Avenue. If the yuppies snicker about big luxury-liners, let them buy their BMW's and carve up mountain roads. I'd rather sensibly cruise down the road with one finger on the steering wheel and totally surrounded in luxurious, living room comfort. With that being said, the Buick has enough power to get you around in style. This car has enough electronic features to make you take college courses just to understand and utilize them, but a downside is they were not thoroughly designed and some may go bad over time. The trunk is cavernous and can hold major groceries. Passengers totally relax in the big bench seats like a limo. The stereo is adequate, but you can really improve the quality with aftermarket upgrades (Hint: the trunk is perfect for a large subwoofer box firing towards the rear. This gives concert hall bass performance). Nothing on the road today feels like this bygone masterpiece of cruising on the open sea. This is a ride that we saw a lot of as kids in most American cars, but now is basically extinct...what a crying shame. So get a Park Avenue if you want total old-fashioned American luxury and don't care about racing with Euro cars. If you are like me, every time you get behind the wheel, nothing can wipe the grin off of your face.
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