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Consumers Review the Buick LeSabre

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2005 LeSabre Celebration Limited Edition
Buick Owner,10/19/2008
I have drove Buick LeSabre's for years. I own 2 LeSabres at the present time. They have all been very good cars. I bought the 2005 LeSabre Celebration Edition because it was the last year of the LeSabre. It is without a doubt the most comfortable, smoothest riding, most luxurious interior, and quietest LeSabre ever build and I go back a few years. It is so good that I keep it tucked away in my garage and only use it on highway trips and special outings. I use my '02 LeSabre for everyday driving in order to keep miles and wear off the '05 as I plan on keeping it for a long, long time. As you may have noticed, I have owned this car for a long time before writing this review. Great car!
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