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210,000 miles and still drives like new
cliff r,07/20/2016
I purchased this car new towards the end of 1999. This car has performed amazingly well, is fun to drive, responsive, reliable, handles great, has plenty of power, is comfortable, and is surprisingly affordable regarding repairs. This is an everyday car for me. It has rarely broken down. Here would be the wishes: A glass rear window instead of plastic (I replaced the top once since owning the car, but the plastic window will start to get a yellowish tint over time), a spare tire (this car doesn't have one and if on a long trip and getting a blow out could be an issue- but I have not had this happen to me), an automatic hard top convertible instead of cloth (nitpicking), cheaper replacement speakers (the bass driver mounted on the center console behind and to the right of the driver blew out and is about $600.00 to replace- can't use a generic speaker). Total repair costs since I purchased this car are about $10,000- which is pretty good for a 16 year old car with over 200,000 miles on it. Without a doubt the best car I have ever owned and one I continue to greatly enjoy- hopefully for another 200,000 miles! I highly recommend this car.
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