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Consumers Review the Audi S4

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My second AUDI
In 2008, my wife and I bought a new A4 3.2 6 speed manual, with all the features. We still love it. After over six years of use with no problems, we began to get a warning that one of the headlights were defective. I couldn't see anything wrong (they all illuminated correctly, it seemed) so I took it to the Audi Dealer to get it checked out. While waiting for the fix, my wife and I toured the showroom. That caught the eye of a salesman of course. Interested in a new Audi, He asked? No just getting our '08 headlight fixed, I answered. '08? Might be time to trade, he suggested. Well, we love our A4 but they don't come with V-6's any more and we like manual gearboxes. Have you driven a 2.0T? He asked. Yes, and it isn't even close to the V-6. I answered. And I really don't want to spend what a new S4 costs. He showed us a recently traded in 2012 S4 in near mint condition and I bought it after a short test drive. After nearly two years, I still love it. It gets about the same fuel mileage as the '08 3.2 A4 (unless you use the extra power the supercharger provides) and it is simply a absolute joy to drive. I've owned a lot of nice cars over the years but the V-6 S4 is the perfect combination of power, comfort and prestige.
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