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  • 1996 Ford Crown Victoria S
    Mileage Not Available
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    Dealer:  (1)
    4.1 mi away
    Stock# 286259202


    Est. Loan: $150/mo

    Queensboro Toyota - Woodside / New York

    Located 4 miles away from New York, NY

    Dealer Review:

       I have purchased a car from this location about 2 years ago and right after i took the car out i have encountered several issues with the car as well as with people that work at that location.The first issue is that the cars windows were scratched and the passenger mirror was broken; i have told that to Norman same day over the phone and brought the car next day for fixing. I have pointed out that there is a scratch on the back passenger window as well as on the front passenger window. Also there was a scratch on the trunk and the front of the car, the rims were scratched and the battery was old.  He assured me that if I leave the car for almost a week (Tuesday to morning Friday) everything will be fixed. I was pregnant at that time and told him that we needed to go to the prenatal appointment in LI that Friday. He said yes everything will be fixed. When we arrived on Friday to pick the car up, only mirror and back window were fixed. I asked Norman what happened, he apologized and said to leave the car again and everything will be fixed. I took the car again on Tuesday and was told that everything will be fixed on Friday. That Friday we also had a prenatal appointment, which i let them know about. When we arrived to pick up the car on Friday, the car wasn't ready it didn't have the tire as it was at the repair and all other things were not fixed. They gave me a loaner and I went to the appointment. When we finally came to pick up the car only one rim was fixed and the battery was finally changed, however no scratches were fixed and the front window still had the scratch (its not a big scratch) and the remaining rims had scratches. They told me that they had a conversation with me and had a deal that only one rim will be fixed the rest i will go fix myself since I have a tire insurance. I've never had this conversation with anyone at the shop. I took the car back very disappointed. I was 9 months pregnant, i couldn't be going to the shop every week after work. The car still had scratches on the body and the window as well as rims, I left it alone because i cant be asking any longer to fix something that had to be done before selling. It was sold as pre-owned certified.     The other issue is that when we were purchasing the car, the sales person who was trying to sell to us the additional protection (warranty) for the car said that if we buy it, if something happens to the car we can take it to the shop and it will be fixed with no cost to us including no deductible. I have received the card for that coverage a few days ago and it states $50 deductible. Providing incorrect information to potential customers is very unethical and wrong.     Later, I have encountered another issue with the car. As the weather became hotter i have started to use the A/C in the car, it didn't work. I had to place it on highest to get anything out of it, but it was just blowing air and not cooling the car at all. I was afraid to bring the car back to the shop because i cant be without my car and i don't trust people that work at the dealership to have it fixed in a timely manner. But i had to do it. They said that everything is fine with it :( In addition to all of it( this is my fault for buying it without doing a research) car was overpriced and I didn't do any research as I wasn't planning to buy a car. The car ,that I had, broke and couldn't pass inspection. They knew it and were pushing the sale on me, knowing that I am upset with my car being broken and that I needed a car right that moment.      To wrap it up I just wanted to say that I feel that i was taken advantage of by the people in this dealership from the very beginning due to me being pregnant and me being very upset at the moment of purchasing the car. Originally,  I wanted a different car, cheaper and a couple of years older, but Norman said that he wouldn't be able to certify that car due to its year. Even though it was a bit expensive for us we decided to go with this car because Norman insisted that it was a better option, we trusted him and we thought that newer means better and less problems. But we were wrong! They are selling this cars as certified pre-owned , they can't be certified if they have so many issues. He used us to sell this car, and we actually thought that he was trying to help us by trying to find a better car for us!!!      The best commercial is the word of mouth, and i will make sure that I will let my friends and family know not to deal with this dealership because the people are lying and the cars have problems. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied! It was very difficult for me to let my old car go because it had sentimental value. I believe that i wasted my money at this dealership and was taken advantage of and lied to. Its wrong to take advantage of people. I am now stuck with a loan that is higher than the car is worth. I will never buy anything from them!

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 1996 Ford Crown Victoria S.
    Engine: 8-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: rear wheel drive
    18 Combined MPG (15 City/23 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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