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2015 Toyota Sienna Video Review

  • This 2015 Toyota Sienna road test review video includes information about what's new for 2015 along with information about pricing, fuel economy, interior features, Entune electronics interface and the driving experience. For more information, read the 2015 Toyota Sienna road test.

    You certainly can't tell the 2015 Sienna has been updated by looking at it since very little has changed on the outside. Inside, that's a different story. The plastics are richer, there's padding on the door sills and the dash is covered in padded and stitched simulated leather. Even the wood trim is more convincing.

    Most importantly, those controls are a lot closer and more sensibly designed. The climate controls now get three easy-to-use knobs and their own read-out. You no longer have to look up to the top of the dash at the multi-purpose display, which has otherwise been replaced by a screen in the revised gauge cluster.

    Every Sienna now comes with an Entune touchscreen interface. There are slight differences between the four available versions, but they all function similarly and are easy to figure out and use.

    The cabin's cargo and people-carrying functionality remains the same. The second row still slides more than anything else in the segment and is very comfortable as a result. The rear-seat entertainment system now comes with a Blu-ray player and HDMI port.

    Under the skin, the V6 engine doesn't change, but the structure is stiffer than before and the suspension has been retuned. It's still nice and comfy, but it's also less floaty and you feel more in control. The SE trim is better still and remains the most engaging minivan to drive.

    In total, the Toyota Sienna's many improvements for 2015 make it even more appealing for any family looking for a minivan.

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