Bumper Damage Repaired - 2011 Toyota Sienna Long-Term Road Test

2011 Toyota Sienna: Bumper Damage Repaired

August 14, 2011


We posted last week that our 2011 Toyota Sienna was not aging well front bumper. Take a look.

See the damage to both the bumper plastic and the wheel liner plastic? The metal screws holding the liner to the bumper ripped right through in multiple locations. This made the bumper itself sag, which caused it to catch on objects (namely, cement parking stall blocks), that in turn pulled the bumper off even further.

We didn't want to take it to the body shop, but realized that no combination of c-clamps, washers or Gorilla Glue would put Humpty back like new. So after 4 days under the knife and $1,000 our Sienna was fixed. The wheel liner is new. The front bumper is new. One (fortunate?) byproduct of the surgery is that the pre-existing front bumper scuffs are now gone.

Total Cost: $998.52

Days out of Service: 4

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 15,707 miles

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