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2015 Toyota Prius Video Review

  • The Toyota Prius video review includes information about fuel economy, safety, price, comfort, available features and competitors hybrids. For more information, read the 2015 Toyota Prius review.

    Fifty miles per gallon. There's nothing on the market that can match that figure without being plugged in, and it's clearly the main appeal of the Toyota Prius. But, that's not the only reason to buy one. Beyond its commendable fuel economy that we've confirmed in several tests, the Prius boasts a highly functional cabin. The hatchback trunk is more spacious and versatile than the typical family sedan's, while the backseat easily accommodates adults or child seats.

    It also has strong crash scores, with four out of five stars from the government and a Top Safety Pick Plus rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. A standard rearview camera and available forward collision and lane-departure warning systems can help you avoid accidents and damaged bumpers.

    However, that is where the accolades stop. The cabin is very loud, with lots of road noise and its engine loudly drones on when you merge onto the highway. The ride can be pillow-soft on smooth pavement, but big bumps that would be soaked up by other cars send jarring impacts into the cabin. In both cases, the Prius feels like a less substantial and occasionally brittle car.

    Brittle isn't a bad word to describe the hard, cheap plastics used throughout the interior. The odd corduroylike texturing on some of the buttons seem nice at first, but soon collect oil from your skin to create dark spots. The telescoping steering wheel also doesn't come out far enough and can make for an awkward and uncomfortable driving position.

    Then there's the dreary driving experience. We don't expect a Prius to necessarily be enjoyable to drive, but most competitors prove that hybrids can provide at least some engagement with the driver. Not to mention much better acceleration and overall refinement.

    Now, you may point out that those competitors can't match the Prius' 50 mpg combined. That's true, but you'll find that the difference in actual fuel consumption between them is not as big as it seems. There may be a 10-mpg difference between the Prius and Ford C-Max Hybrid, for instance, but that equates to an estimated annual fuel cost difference of only $250. The Accord and Fusion hybrids are even less. Two-hundred-fifty bucks is still $250, but given all the ways the Prius comes up short, it may be money well spent.

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