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Drive a Prius

RLG, 03/22/2009
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Our vehicle mileage just went over 100,000 miles. This car is amazing. We have averaged about 50 mpg for almost eight years. It's so quiet.

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Love the Prius! still going.............

Tone, 08/30/2002
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To my surprise,the Prius is a great hybrid car. The Prius has very arrowdynamic exterior styling,especially in the front. If you want a hybrid car,this is a great choice.I have about 500 miles on my new 2003 prius. 507 to be exact and I'm stil on my first tank of gas!!!!!!! LOVE the gas mileage! This car is huge on the inside:).It seems almost like you are sitting in a Camry. Not the best looking car I've ever seen, but it is definitely great value for the dollar. All Toyotas are.:)

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Toyota Hybrid is a Winner

homertcornish1, 08/27/2006
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After 4 years of driving I have found the 2003 Toyota Prius an excellent auto in every category except for comfort. The newer models are 5 inches longer which should improve the comfort. My average highway mileage is over 50 mpg regardless of speed. In town mileage is closer to 45 (Toyota claims you get better mileage in town but its not true). It has plenty of power to go up mountains and can keep up with the best of cars and trucks on the Interstate. I have had only one minor glitch during the 4 years of my ownership and that was a minor computer that was replaced free by Toyota. Maintenance has been comparable to a regular gasoline car, except for the $700 cost of the 60,000 maintenance.

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Glad I bought mine when I did

jack, 11/12/2006
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Very comfortable driver's seat.

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The best car I've ever bought

diesel power, 03/21/2004
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I purchased my 03 after test driving the 04 model. I bought the 03 as 6ft tall adults can fit in the back, something not possible in the new model. I now have 16k miles on my car, and I've had 0 warranty issues with this car. Lifetime fuel economy so far is 46.8 mpg. This number keeps climbing. Toyota has brought us the future of automobiles. The rest of the industry needs to take notice, or risk being left to oblivion. I routinely drive over 35k miles annually. I've driven this car on a 3200 mile round trip from Dallas TX, to Haliburton, Ontario, and back. It's performance was nothing less than stellar.

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