2012 Toyota Highlander - Edmunds Ratings

2012 Toyota Highlander Limited (3.5L V6 5-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 8/31/2010 (2011 Highlander Limited)
Performance The available 3.5L V6 (standard on Limited) has only enough power to allow for adequate acceleration. However, the powertain is smooth and flexible. The V6's transmission has only five gears; four-cylinder models get six-speed automatics.
Driving Dynamics Slalom and skid pad performance during instrumented testing was average and unremarkable. But this vehicle is more likely to negotiate shopping mall parking lots and suburban streets to soccer practice, where everyday handling is fine.
Ride Comfort Compliant and soft ride. However, there is some body movement and roll.
Quietness Very quiet, with only a bit of road and wind noise.
Ergonomics The driving position is comfortable and fully adjustable, but the steering wheel has limited travel telescoping out. All switches and stalks are easy to use and understand.
Visibility Good visibility for a larger crossover, with ample glass area to see through. However, the rear pillars are slightly thick. A backup camera is available.
Seat Access & Space Spacious front-seat area with ample headroom. The second row features an ingenious removable center seat that converts the three- across seating to comfortable captain's chairs with armrests. Third row access from right-rear door only.
Cargo & Storage Great cargo space and innovative storage features including a center console storage area for the second row that can replace the center seat. The front-seat area has four center console cupholders.
Build Quality Consistent, close gaps of the interior and exterior panels. Quality materials throughout the cabin. The switches, stalks and knobs have excellent switch feel.

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