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A great ride

BillG, 09/17/2008
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This is a fun, reliable, economical car. It has good performance, excellent braking, handling and outstanding Toyota reliability. I love this car and am planning to keep it forever :) This is my fun car and I keep it in the garage and don't drive it when the weather is bad. It is my baby and I keep it in great shape. A little red convertible.

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No Payments

Robert Rodriguez, 05/09/2008
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I am happy with my 1992 Toyota Celica Convertible. The car runs like a champ at 180000 miles with no major problems. In addition, the seats are extremely comfortable when doing long trips.

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Best little car ever.

PennyWinkle, 02/07/2009
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Bought this car in 1997 only had it in the shop once for a new timing belt. Over three hundred thousand miles and it still runs great.

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Great Car

silent cal, 06/22/2009
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I have had this automobile for eight years now, and it is an excellent car. I have had very few mechanical problems with it considering it now is 16 years old with 168 k miles. The major parts on the car are still running strong, even though this automobile was totaled in a flood (I found this out a few years after I bought it) (clutch, starter, radiator, battery, brakes, temperature fan switch, alternator, timing belt have all been replaced over the eight years I have owned it). All the parts replaced well outlived themselves. I feel confident this car could easily go over 250,000 miles with proper maintenance.

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Oh what a feeling

stereotuber, 10/07/2014
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this car used from original owner. Now has 195k. Repairs have been normal (for a Toyota), far less repair than other cars I have owned. Painting was the biggest cost (or investment). About $7500 plus car rental while painting. It was a Factory Original Standard job- the kind that will last 16 years, like the original paint. You get what you pay for- and it looks like new. Inside is holding up great. I use Armor all regularly for cleaning / protecting. I use Michelin Pilot all season radials, very important. Sold new for 17,500, paid 9,500, 73k mi. in 1997. Replaced clutch & slave, radiator, water pump, A/C converted to new standard, bearings, a few bulbs. WARNING- High compression engine, direct front wheel drive, in slippery conditions is a very dangerous combination. To stay on the road and avoid a wreck, you CAN NOT TAKE YOUR FOOT OFF THE ACCELERATOR UNLESS YOU ARE IN NEUTRAL GEAR... Then tap or pump the brakes to slow down. Failure to do so will result in a 360 spin (It happened to me twice but at slow speed so no damage, just lucky). This fact about this car may be the reason I have never seen another one like it on the road in over 20 years. I believe most of these cars have been crashed because of bad slippery weather conditions. Other than this (flaw?) the car is very safe. Now I Know why many sports cars have REAR wheel drive. Overall rear wheel drive is safer I believe, though not as good in snow and ice. Front wheel drive is still better for snow and ice, and the new automatics with computer control on the throttle help to reduce the chance of 360's in bad weather. Bottom line, Know Your Car. Only sports cars with high compression engines have this problem. So know your car and test it in a parking lot in bad weather BEFORE you get caught driving in bad weather. Then you will be OK. BTW - MAX MPG premium gas- 40.2. City- 29.5 (in mountains). Great economy, if you use cruise control. (now 200036 miles, running like new)

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