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The Toyota Camry debuted for the 1983 model year, when Toyota replaced its old rear-wheel-drive Corona with the front-wheel-drive Camry, a car aimed specifically at the U.S. market. From these humble beginnings, the Camry would go on to dominate the midsize family sedan segment for virtually all of the next quarter century, as consumers immediately embraced it for its high build quality, comfortable ride and impressive durability.

In reviews, we've praised the Camry's interior, which provides roomy seating, admirable outward visibility and well-placed controls. Overall, the Camry provides the comfort and the quiet and smooth ride that should please a wide swath of midsize sedan shoppers, though many competitors now offer similar levels of comfort, yet are more engaging to drive. New or used, the Camry is certainly worth a look if you're shopping for a midsize sedan. And since it sells in such high numbers, finding one that matches your criteria should be pretty easy.

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