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2015 Toyota Camry Video Review

  • This Toyota Camry video review includes information about what was redesigned for 2015, plus its fuel economy, pricing and available trims like the LE, XLE, SE and XLE. We also include information about the Camry Hybrid. For more information, read the 2015 Toyota Camry review and 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid review.

    Cosmetically, all the body panels except for the roof were redesigned for 2015, resulting in a more distinctive appearance. The suspension was also retuned for more responsive driving dynamics, the interior was upgraded with materials more in keeping with the class best, and every Camry now comes with a touchscreen interface that's more user-friendly than most.

    What hasn't changed is the large, comfortable interior that betters most competitors in terms of space. The trunk is also quite large, although the Hybrid's is compromised by its battery pack.

    Essentially, there are two distinct Camry flavors. There's the more traditional, comfort-oriented Camry LE and XLE trims. You can ID them by the bars in their grille, and by the fact that their steering is lighter and their rides softer. Having said that, the strengthened body structure for 2015 makes that ride feel more solid, controlled and overall more buttoned down.

    Then there's the more engaging Camry SE and XSE that have the gloss black mesh grille. We wouldn't call them sporty, but rather, they boast a ride and handling balance more in keeping with its prime competitors. Now, unlike past model years, you can get the same amount of equipment on both the "L" and "S" flavors, so to speak. The XSE and XLE even cost the same.

    All Camrys come standard with a 178-horsepower four-cylinder good for 28 mpg combined, which is a few mpg lower than the class best. Its acceleration is average for the segment, but if you want something more, the 268-hp V6 is available.

    The Hybrid you see here is on the other end of the spectrum and for 2015, is bolstered by the availability of its own SE and XSE trims. You no longer have to choose between more engaging driving dynamics and better fuel economy. However, that fuel economy was lower in our real-world testing than the Honda Accord and Ford Fusion Hybrids.

    In total, we can't say the Toyota Camry stands above the current crop of Edmunds A-rated class leaders, yet the changes for 2015 — especially to the cabin and driving experience — put it back in that group.

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