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nice, but slow

davey, 12/22/2002
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I am a chevy mechanic and yes I own a yota. I don't like working on my own vehicles after 50 hours of work every week. This truck is very reliable, but lacks power, BIG TIME!!! This 3.0 is impossible too work on too. I think my 1987 toy pickup with 200K on it is faster! My 85 4runner handled better, it pulls poorly, and gets blown around on the highway like a rag doll. I will probably sell and get a used tahoe or suburban. At least if they break down I'm not lost under the hood and They have an ENGINE.

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1992 4runner v6 4x4

rs_nasser, 10/09/2011
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recently purchased my 1992 4runner that i was looking for. it came will all the options and drives extremely smooth, brakes, transmisssion, everything. very well built car. i was mostlt SHOCKED when i found out GAS MILAGE is very bad. giving me 10 mpg city. any ideas from anyone as to why the mpg is soo baaad.? please help. ty

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Look out for head gasket (blew 2x)

Inlarkspur, 10/17/2002
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I bought my 4Runner two years ago from a dealership. I was told that the head gaskets were replaced in 1994. This year, the head gasket blew again. I found out that some of the recall replacements were bad too. I took my truck back to the dealership I bought it from and Toyota took care of the repair - but they informed me that I was on the tail end of the warranty. My advice to anyone purchasing a 1992 would be to investigate this further. I also had to make a fair amount of repairs to this vehicle (I put $1,000 into various repairs). It would be a really good idea to get this car thoroughly checked out by a mechanic before purchasing one.

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Takes a lickin'.....

Chariot of Fur, 06/24/2003
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I've had this car for 8 years and it has 203,000 miles on it. It has moved me 4 times, gets 18 mpg for my 2 hour round trip commute to work,and hauls tons of stuff including 2 huge dogs. We love this truck - it runs better and gives us less trouble than my husbands 1999 Dodge Dakota. It has withstood many New England winters and not-so- routine maintenence and keeps on tickin'.... Til death do us part!

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a life saver! (literally!)

scotty145, 10/11/2011
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i bought one of these 4 runners with only 130k miles on it and it ran like a top! no leaks, didnt eat oil, stearing was fairly tight, and it just went! not only was it built great, it looks good too! unfortunately, i ended up totalling the thing. but it i were to happen to be driving anything else, i dont think i would be writing this review right now. i rolled it and smashed down on the driver side, but it only caved in about 6 inches. luckily i landed on the wheels, but it was also able to get towed by straps and roll away! the chassis is still straight and the motor still cranked over. so its a very safe vehicle. great family car, or new drivers vehicle.

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