The impact and significance of the newest Corvette are just as striking for 2021 as when it made its public debut back in 2019. This latest model, known as the C8 because it marks the model's eighth generation, is a giant departure from past models. Its angular styling turns heads as easily as a Ferrari, and listening to its thundering mid-mounted V8 — yes, the engine is behind you now — will get your pulse up like you just downed eight shots of espresso.

"The 2021 Chevrolet Corvette is a livable sports car you can use as a daily driver during the week and a racetrack all-star on the weekend."

The Corvette's handling has never been better. The new powertrain layout enhances every part of the driving experience. Low and sleek, the Corvette grips tenaciously around turns and gives you plenty of road feel and confidence through its squared-off steering wheel.

Chevy didn't overlook comfort and quality either. The solidly constructed and finished interior has a distinct fighter-jet cockpit vibe. There's even a respectable amount of storage space thanks to the front and rear trunks. This is a sports car equally at ease at being a daily driver or a track-day all-star.

Then there's the price, which starts right around $60,000 — roughly $40K less than the other top contender for this crown, the Porsche 911. Both boast impressive performance and honed pedigrees, but the Corvette needs no excuses to secure the Edmunds Top Rated crown for the second straight year.