2019 Tesla Model X SUV Consumer Reviews

Once you drive electric, hard to go back

Dujac, 07/28/2019
100D 4dr SUV AWD w/Prod. End 1/19 (electric DD)
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The review is based on almost 1000 miles on this SUV. Without Tesla world would not have known how good an electric car technology can be. Instant acceleration that would leave a Ferrari in shock, smooth quiet ride, outstanding autopilot, unbreakable motor and elimination of annoying car salesmen are some of the finest features of owning a Tesla. Car never feels old due to continuous over-the-air updates for software- just like iPhone. Range is impressive but suitable if your daily drive is less than 200 miles. Anything more and you would need some charging time. Interior is spartan, full of useful technology unlike many gadgety German cars. Rear doors are strange but kids love it. Supercharger network was fun to use and not busy at Barstow. 150 miles in 30 minutes, we got free overnight charge at hotel as well. After being introduced to this new world of driving experience, no Audi, BMW or MB will feel that good again.

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