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Almost 3 years of owning since brand new

Tommy Janow, 02/28/2018
STI Limited w/Wing 4dr Sedan AWD (2.5L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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2020 Update : 22,xxx miles on the car now and it's given me absolutely no issues at all where the drivetrain is concerned. Still drives and handles amazingly. I bought some Titan 7 T-S5's forged wheels and some Michelin Pilot Sport 4's to replace the OEM wheels and tires and what a difference it makes. Car handles much sharper and a good amount of understeer is eliminated. We drove this car from Santa Cruz, CA to Eugene, OR and back over the course of a week and it was amazing. I love driving this car every time I get into it and it's exactly what I wanted from a car - to be able to look forward and be excited about driving. The only minor flaws: -Area of the dash between glove box and windshield can rattle sometimes - doesn't bug me and given the aggressive suspension on this car I can't say im suprised - the roads in CA are terrible. -If you take your seat belt off and move the car the buzzer will sound, this buzzer will stay activated even when you've come to a stop and the car is in neutral. It will only turn off if you plug your seatbelt in or turn the car off. -Seats are still a bit big for me, I'm 5'9" at 155 lbs so I'm not a big guy, the seats could be a little more bolstered for my liking. The CG lock I have on my seatbelt helps this issue but doesn't fully alleviate it. This is a real car! I ordered my 2018 from the dealer as soon as ordering opened up in early 2017 and I took delivery in late June. I did my research and test drove a lot of different cars. My top 3 choices were the 2018 WRX STI, a 2017 Chevrolet SS, or a 2013-2015 used Camaro ZL1. I decided on the STI because it was still a blast to drive but retained some functionality the other two choices lacked. This car has been fantastic and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Daily driving the STI is fun, it makes you look forward to your commute (although I must say sitting in gridlock traffic is kind of lame with a manual), and it connects you to the road in a raw pure form. The steering is heavy, the gearbox is firm, the pedals are spaced perfectly for heel-toe downshifts, what more could you want? I have almost 9,000 miles on my car now and I've enjoyed them all. I'm not saying this car is perfect because no car is. This car is a great all-around vehicle. I've packed 5 people in my car with no complaints. I have fit all of my firefighting gear in the trunk with no issues. So far the car has been extremely reliable and never failed to do anything I've asked it to. Front, side, and rear visibility is great... very easy to look ahead in corners. After driving the car for quite some time the only beef I have with the STI is this: the Recaro seats don't grip me as much as I would like (I'm 5'9 150lbs) but a CG seatbelt lock fixed this. The chassis could easily support 350 hp, the EJ motor is great in my eyes and it is NOT slow, but it could easily use more power. If entertainment/head units/gas mileage is an issue for you, you might be saddened because the STI doesn't have the best of any of these... but that's not what this car was built for. This is a great car and I encourage anyone looking to buy one to get out there and test drive one!

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