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I loved this car!

Missing my Subaru, 02/03/2006
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We bought this car with 56,000 miles on it in 2002 and have loved it very much. It drives well in all weather, can take a beating from out rough lifestyle, and cleaned up nicely to fit in when we had go to the city. It was very reliable and was well built. We had put about 149,000 miles on it as of Jan. 2006 when it was squished on the highway. The anti-lock brakes where great because it got stopped to avoid the collision ahead (only 4 feet to spare); too bad the Dodge truck behind it could not stop that well. At the time of the accident it was running like a champ and we expected to have it for a long time to come. Hope I can find another one!

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sagebrush, 11/13/2010
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A plain, unassuming car, but very reliable overall. AWD is handy, esp. in ice/snow. Disappointing gas mileage for a 4 cyl. Cup holder an abject failure. Horizontally opposed 4 (get the 2.2, not the 2.5) is dated but very reliable. (Thank you, Dr. Porsche, for the concept). Auto. trans. is a balky Borg-Warner unit. Ugh. Shades of Rambler. Car is too low slung, but corners well. I installed a cut-out switch to select FWD or AWD, which helps with fuel economy. (Why did Subaru eliminate that feature?). One of those cars which, despite its faults, grows on you, and is a worthy ride. My next car will have to compensate for the Legacy's plain vanilla persona. Perhaps a Caprice Police Interceptor?

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Expensive fixes!

Ryan, 06/25/2008
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It is a great car, but stay away from anything from the mid-west or north-east. The fuel filler neck will rot away, the tank will leak (which requires the disassembly of the whole back end to remove and replace) Stay away from automatics not reliable . The doors will rot away with the brake lines. The exhaust system is among the most costly to replace of any mass-produced vehicle(2 catalytic converters a mid-pipe resonator, and an expensive muffler. Seals and timing belt, etc. is a must after 100,000. Stay away from the 2.5 unless it already had the head gasket replaced.Th The 2.2 is the champ. I have put over $4000 in this vehicle since i bought it last year. Not an economy fix

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Not a bad buy

JONNYWELE, 10/29/2002
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Well, this isnt my car. Its my dads and so far the whole family is impressed with it. I am 15 years old and this car is great for learning how to drive. The car came with ABS, AWD, Dual Air Bags, and more. It drives well but it is a bit harsh on bumbs. It is very fun to drive too. It is fast compared to other station wagons in its size and it is not that big. This car also saved my life. My family was involved in a car accient and nobody got hurt. The damage wasnt that bad and so we got it repaired and my dad is still driving it

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Winter beater that lasts

classicbob, 10/31/2010
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I bought a 14 year old Legacy wagon last year as a winter beater, which i planned to keep until upgrade to a newer and better car in the spring. One year later I'm still looking for that 'better car' but haven't found it yet. This car has taken me cross country twice in the past year, over the Rocky mountains (strangely it got better gas mileage at high elevation), and plowed effortlessly through 18 inches of snow! I had to replace a front strut assembly after the coil spring broke around 180,000 miles. It doesn't like to hold its idle speed, not sure what the problem is. And the 'check engine' light keeps popping up, common problem it seems. Otherwise it's great, best car i've ever bought!

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