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A true driver's car

Stephen, 02/05/2005
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This is a car for anybody who loves driving and wants some performance to go along with utility. At this price, I do not know of any other car that provides this kind of performance and handling with 4 doors and all-wheel drive. This car puts you in a special community too: other WRX drivers on the road ALWAYS smile and wave at me! How many other Japanese sedans have that kind of following?

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DD, 07/20/2008
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This car is meant to be driven hard, and it's loads of fun when driven hard. I wish the turbo would be more readily available, but what's really great about the car is the value for money - AWD, Turbo, Sporty, and a Wagon. It's a great blend of features I was looking for. It's practical, affordable, and a lot of fun to drive as a sporty car. It's my first new car, and it's been rock solid so far. No complaints.

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Great car, way more fun than many others

MFK, 12/19/2008
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I used to own a 1999 Legacy/Outback, I purchased this car (2005 Impreza Outback Sport) w/12000 miles and have found it to be a blast to drive. It was literally the car purchased by the little old lady (dealer put in a new clutch before putting it on the lot, I purchased Subaru warranty). Ironically, before I went Subaru in the beginning, I was driving V-8 Mustangs, the Impreza is way more fun, it is nimble, sure footed and safe and has great visibility. Compared to it's peers it is an all weather handling beast without over steer, under steer or torque steer (an FWD plague). The other car I have access to is a 2006 Nissan Maxima...I never touch it.

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Amazing car!!

ScoobyRex, 01/22/2009
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I bought my 05 with 15000 miles on it. Great performance car, with minor (about $1500) engine upgrades its at est 285hp/285 tq and runs with most cars on the road!! And I can still haul my daughter and a trunk full of groceries without a problem. I get 22-28 mpg AFTER being tuned to almost 300 hp. I have driven on horrendous winter roads with it (and Blizzaks) and it is amazing--more controlled and sure-footed than the 4wd Explorer I owned in the past. My only regret is not buying one as soon as they hit the US shores in 2002!

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Great car, no complaints here

mfk3, 02/14/2009
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I had a 1999 Legacy Outback, went to trade it in and found this 2005 Impreza Outback w/14000 miles on it, I liked the style better than the 2008 Impreza Outback. I bought it as a Subaru CPO car and have never looked back or wanted for something else. In fact I looked at Mustang V-8's first (nostalgia), drove an Impreza RS and I was totally hooked on the Impreza. It felt like more of a performance machine than the Mustang.

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