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2014 Forester BURNS OIL
By doug on


2014 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium PZEV 4dr SUV AWD (2.5L 4cyl 6M)


I purchased a new 2014 Subaru Forester in March of 2013. Have followed all maintenance procedures per the manual. All work done at Saint J Subaru in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.
7K service completed at dealer. at 10,000 display said oil required...1 quart added. Same thing agin at 12,600 miles. Told dealer at next service, 14,300. Said bring back in 1200 miles to check. Did that and found it burned 8 ounces. Subaru will replace rings at 10.67 ounces useage. Called Subaru and they refused to do anything even though I have bought 4 Subarus.

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Subaru knows they have an issue with this engine consuming oil. Instead of getting ahead of the problem and taking care of their customers they choose to refuse to fix their own design fault. Even though I have bought four new Subaru's in the last 8 years they refuse to fix my car. Subaru customer service sucks !!!! So much for brand loyalty. I will wait for light to come on again and take the car to the dealer to let them see actual consumption. I am not satisfied with their test methods.
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By rosap
on 07/07/14 12:30 PM (PDT)

Sunshine68, unfortunately I can completely empathize. I purchased a 2013 Outback, manual 6 speed, and after just 3000 miles, also saw my oil light pop on. During 2013, I also went thru the 'engine oil consumption test' over a 6-month period, which resulted in a determination by the dealer that they needed to replace the engine oil piston rings. Done. And as I drove out of the dealership after the 'fix' was completed, they warned me that I may see the oil light come on until the new rings were properly seated. As expected, continued issues with the oil, down a 1/2 quart to a quart every couple thousand miles. I finally made a deal to trade the 2013 for a 2014, hoping that either 1. they'd figured out the issue in the new 2014 model, or 2. since I had them factory-build me a brand new one, that the quality would be higher. My saga continues with the 2014 Outback; oil light on at 3100 miles. Could be break-in issue, or another consumption issue.. Reading reports online that this 0-weight oil is like 'air' and burns very quickly, so oil changes at every 7500 miles are for those lucky few that aren't consuming. At this point, I don't know why this manufacturer in particular can't get their piston rings properly seated to help with this quick burning oil. Other manufacturers also use 0-weighted oil and I'm not hearing anything on oil lights coming on. So, my thought is that they can't blame the 0-weight oil entirely. And if they are, then they ought not recommend oil changes only ever 7500 miles.

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By drybred
on 08/11/14 09:03 AM (PDT)

I have an extensive mechanical background. An engine using 0W or 5W-20 oil will consume oil at a faster rate than an engine using 10W-30 or 10W-40. The use of lighter weight oils is to increase fuel economy. But it comes with the added use of oil between changes. Engine oil usage also varies with the type of driving done, outside temperatures at startup and other variables. I think a lot of you are being too fussy about adding some oil between changes.

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By helenmansfield
on 04/21/14 18:49 PM (PDT)

We too purchased a 2014 Forester last April and it has gone through a quart of oil each oil change, looks like it will be a quart and a half this time and Subaru is doing nothing about. Not all of the 2014s go through oil - a friend has the same year and model but no oil consumption. Guess it will take a class action law suit to get them to do something. Anyone interested? And btw, nothing but Subaru 0w-20 full synthetic has been used in the car. I am going back to being a Honda owner.

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By gearhead71
on 02/20/14 13:13 PM (PST)

This car requires SAE 0w-20 FULL Synthetic oil. If you are not using that, then it will burn oil

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By kt1971
on 08/27/14 22:58 PM (PDT)

I bought my New 2014 Forester in AUG of 2013 and I now have 28,000 miles on it. I change my oil every 5000 miles and so far I haven't burned any oil. I thought is was odd when I read the owners manual on the engine and they have a section about oil consumption being normal. I hope Subaru decides to fix the issue for people because its a great car with fantastic fuel mileage.

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By ngriffiths
on 03/31/14 14:44 PM (PDT)

Doug, welcome to the real world of subaru, which is different from all the hype you hear. I am a 2011 forester owner which is the first year they came out with the new 2.5 AT engine. Have not been happy with it. From the beginning, rough idle and drinks oil (yes use 0-20). Forget the dealer they will throw you out as they cannot admit any subaru flaws. Surprised there are not more people up in arms out there.

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By euchrebug
on 08/13/14 09:40 AM (PDT)

To a limited extent, I agree with Drybred. Most cars will burn some oil BUT Subaru does have a real problem here. If I burned 1 quart every oil change I wouldn't be at all concerned. I recenly sold my 2000 Jetta with 160K miles and that's about what it burned. I then bought a 2014 Subaru Outback Premium 6 speed Manual in May 2014. At 1900 miles, the low oil light came on. I topped it off and assumed it was a break-in issue. I know boxer engines have that reputation and coupled wiht the light 0-20 oil I was OK with it. Plus, I was on a 150 mile trip in hot weather on a curvey road. Out of curiosity I checked the internet and realized that there might be more to the story. I called Subaru and they said to wait until 7500 miles and start the consumption test. I took it to the dealership and they were kind enough to start the oil consumption check. They were very understanding and professional. When they returned the car to me I checked the oil (before I left the lot) and it was at least 1/2 quart overfilled. I had them drain it to the "full" mark. I took it in at 3000 miles becuase I could see that it was 1/2 quart low. Their master tech checked it and said it wasn't. (OK- what do I know.) No oil was added. Just 300 miles later, my oil light comes on again. I checked again - I'm a quart low. During that 1300 miles there were no long drive and no hills; just easy highway commuter miles. So I burned a quart at 1900 and just another quart after 1300 miles. The master tech told me that I have to wait until 7500 for the factory to honor the consumption test. My dealership verified this. So I have a car that is burning oil at an increasing rate - great. I am very careful with my mechanical devices. I took greak pains to adhere to the break in procedure during the first 1000 miles. This is really really really dissappointing.

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By sunshine68
on 06/12/14 13:58 PM (PDT)

I also purchased a 2014 Forester, manual 6 speed from St J Subaru. Car was purchased in April 2013. In June I hit 3300 miles & that was the first time my check engine/low oil light came on. Went to the dealer for the first oil change - no problems found. Next 3000 miles - oil light on - then the annoying saga begins. Driving 80 miles one way to the dealer at 1200 mile intervals to have the oil checked - burning oil - oil added.....repeat, repeat, repeat. Too many phone calls made, very frustrating, rings finally replaced in April this year. It's now June 12 - less than 2 months & only 2374 miles since repair - guess what.....check engine/low oil light on. Called the dealer - they need to check the oil & "go from there". I asked what that meant....didn't really get an answer other than Subaru is now figuring out the synthetic oil burns faster. This is my 2nd Forester, but I am really not happy with this purchase. Who wants to make payments for 5 or 6 years on a car that you have to add oil every couple of months?!?! Have contemplated calling a lawyer, but who can afford that?

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By southpaw3
on 08/13/14 18:53 PM (PDT)

I just found this review and I had a 2011 Forester that consumed oil. I ended up trading it in a year ago because I doubted the long term reliability of the car. If you check out the very long thread in the Forester forum, you will see some recent posts of 2015's consuming oil. Despite the fixes implemented by Subaru it seems the problem isn't resolved. Given that many Subaru models are afflicted with oil consumption (Outback, Impreza, XV Crosstrek), buyers need to know what they may be getting into before they buy one.

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By bertha4
on 08/30/14 18:31 PM (PDT)

I also bought a 2014 Subaru Forester that is using oil like no other car I have owned. Even my 1994 Legacy Wagon did not use but 1/2 quart of oil at 259K. So how is my new 32K Forester going to seem ok to use 2 quarts of oil in between oil changes? I have told Arapahoe Subaru in Englewood CO where I bought it and where it is serviced and they say it's normal. My concern is longevity of an engine that uses up that much oil now as a new car.

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By angryscot
on 07/27/14 05:50 AM (PDT)

My 2012 Impreza had the same engine as the foresters and burned about a quart per 1500 miles. Subaru Of America were not only unhelpful, but were downright rude. Where's the "love"? An oil burner hunk of crap is not worth "waiting for".

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By downriver5
on 07/14/14 17:10 PM (PDT)

New 2014 Outback with 2900 miles ALSO coupled with a six-speed manual - down a qt

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By rachtels
on 09/08/14 18:38 PM (PDT)

My 2013 Outback Manual has the exact same issues. I typically have to replenish about a quart after approx 2,000 miles. It varies slightly depending on driving. The piston rings have been replaced by the dealership and a consumption test came back "withing the normal range" because "i can make it more than 1,200 miles". Luckily I have leased and hope I'll just make it to lease end without engine damage as a result. This is my third and due to this my last Subaru. I am very disappointed how Subaru Corporate is not tackling this aggressively - so much for the whole "Love is what makes a Subaru a Subaru ..."

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By stigxl5
on 07/07/14 14:57 PM (PDT)

Same with my wife's 2014 Forester - low a quart every 2K miles. Yes, using the right oil. All Subaru wants me to do is to keep bringing the car in for another oil test, and I'm tired of their lack of support. I've had cars with 200K miles that burn little to no oil. My wife wanted a Subaru for years, finally saved up and got her one. Now neither of us will allow ourselves to get shafted with a Subaru ever again.

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By gdubjr
on 09/10/14 08:40 AM (PDT)

I bought a 2014 Forester here in Boulder, CO, and the oil light came on before my 7k maintenance. I asked my sales guy if he'd ever heard of that happening, and he said "no". If it goes on a gain before my next change, I'm going to blow a gasket. This is my first Subaru, and I bought it based on Consumer Reports making it the car of the year, and the perceived customer loyalty. My other issue is that the driver's seat is uncomfortable. Gave the car to my wife. She likes it. I've NEVER had a problem with my Hondas. Going back to them next time around.

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By sunshine68
on 10/15/14 15:54 PM (PDT)

Does anyone know how to get involved in the class action suit or do we have to contact a lawyer on an individual basis? Any info would be appreciated. I have to buy oil tomorrow to add for the 4th time since my oil change on 07/11/14. When the dealer did the last oil change they told me to come in after my return from vacation & we'll start the oil consumption tests AGAIN. I asked what happens next - the response was "we'll go from there". What the hell does that mean?? ugh!! I haven't been back yet as it seems to be a complete waste of time & mileage to drive the 2 hrs to the dealer. I've recently seen TV ads from my dealer offering 120% Kelley blue book for a trade. I wonder if they'd actually give me that on this P.O.S car they sold to me....LOL

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By nosubarulove
on 10/20/14 17:01 PM (PDT)

I asked about the class action suit being filed in New Jersey. They said that they would notify us when the Judge creates the class. They didn't say when that would be. I would keep watching the web site. www.chimicles.com/subaru-oil-consumption-class-action-lawsuit This is a shame that so many people have had this problem our experience is just the same as those above 1.1 qt each 2000 miles or so. Stupid dealership mechanics and what appears to be a Subaru led offensive to avoid doing any repairs. We are going to trade it in no more Subaru. Does anyone know what will happen if the oil consumption isn't fixed, will the engine die?

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By nada563
on 09/16/14 21:09 PM (PDT)

I also own a manual 2014 Forester and have struggled with oil consumption. Red light went on after 3500 miles the first time, I was told it was re-equilibrating. About 4500 miles later had to add 1 1/2 quarts. Told it was normal. Same story continued. Complaints to Subaru co., told to do oil consumption test but all was within guidelines. How could it be when one can't even make it to the recommended oil change interval? Just found out I used 12oz of oil within the last 1200 miles. Still told acceptable. After practically arm wresting with the dealer, they agreed to look into it tomorrow. What is the point of buying a new car, I just don't get it!

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By keppel2004
on 05/17/16 08:07 AM (PDT)

I was told yesterday that my 2014 Forester needs a whole new engine ASAP. Knocking started 2 months ago. I only have 12,500 miles on it! They told me that I was lucky I brought it in when I did. They said it would have locked up on me and I would have been on the side of the road.

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By maggietara
on 07/27/14 20:13 PM (PDT)

I have 25,000 miles on my 2014 Forester and it burns a quart of oil every 2400 mi or so. Subaru has changed there guidelines in the last several months. If it burns more than a quart per 3600 they will fix it. They first have to do an oil consumption test. I am in the process of doing this test. The car turns on a dime and stops on a dime. My car drove fabulously well in the snow. MY wife needs a new car but she won't be buying a Subaru. She is not happy with the way Subaru America has handled this "oil burning" problem.

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By andrewwykes
on 12/23/14 09:01 AM (PST)

same problem down i quart after 2000 miles. 2015 forester. Will now complain to every level I can.

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By riley20
on 06/22/15 07:22 AM (PDT)

I have a 2014 Forester and have experienced the same issues with excessive oil consumption. I wonder if using 5w-30 oil would help reduce consumption in non-turbo motors. The Subaru turbos use that weight. It might reduce fuel economy a bit but it would be a decent trade-off.

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By caliduck916
on 09/10/14 10:56 AM (PDT)

I too have this issue on my 2012 Impreza. Burns a quart after 4-5k miles (7500 Mile Intervals - 0W-20) Recent forums suggest that while replacing the oil rings "helped", it did not eliminate the problem. 0W-20 Synthetic is expensive and the oil consumption issue will have a direct impact on resale value. No matter what you read from mechanics here, this is a serious problem that Subaru needs to address with more effort than thus given. A recall is in order, but they don't want to eat the cost of it, plain and simple. I am currently working with SoA and they are having me do an oil consumption test (Oil change/Bring in when light comes on - measure the oil consumption). I just have to say this SUCKS and I will not be buying another Subaru. My 02' Impreza had a head gasket failure (which I paid to fix) and then shortly after, the transmission died. While I did get a decent trade in for it at the dealership, I feel scammed that I bought a NEW car that is already consuming oil. New cars shouldn't do this, period. Don't let any mechanic/knucklehead tell you otherwise. Don't let the dealership overfill your oil reservoir either, that will hurt your fuel economy and only covers up the problem. I will be participating in the class action lawsuit if I am not taken care of by Subaru. Again, I am VERY disappointed to be put in this circumstance.

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By kathode
on 09/15/14 08:55 AM (PDT)

Same with me. In June 2013, I purchased a 2014 Subaru Forester new at Clay Subaru in Norwood MA. In early August 2013, I was on a road trip through Ontario when the oil light went on (at about 3000 miles!). I had no idea what was going on -- thought it meant the engine was going to seize. Pulled off the highway to search for OW-20 oil on a Canadian holiday when most stores were closed. Finally found the oil in downtown Toronto and was delayed in my trip. My car now has about 13K miles on it and I've had to add oil every 2-3000 miles. I've added oil about 6 times since I bought the car and generally the light goes on when I am on longer trips (vacations). Now I know to pack and bring oil. Subaru dealer tells me that this is a "feature" of the energy efficient engine. They said if it continues to burn oil, they can do an oil consumption test which I haven't gone for b/c it's inconvenient to keep bringing my car to them. I see this as a problem not a feature and am really unhappy that my new car is doing this. 4 years left on the loan. :( Had I known this before, I would not have purchased the car. I loved my last Subaru but am not sure I will purchase another.

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By oilburner14
on 05/01/15 18:00 PM (PDT)

I bought a '14 2.5 premium manual in Sept 13. Oil light came on before first 1500 miles. Started my first oil consumption test while on a road trip from CO to FL, but was told by a dealer this seemed like normal consumption. After driving and adding oil almost every 1,100 miles all fall, I made it to a dealer in Portland, OR who told me again my oil consumption was normal. I alerted my dealer from whom I bought the car of my seemingly high oil consumption when I got back to CO. Again, I was told this was normal. Then I found out about the lawsuit. I performed another oil consumption test at my next oil change at a different dealer in CO. At this point Subaru CO was now changing their story on acceptable oil consumption numbers, and now the car was failing the same test. My engine block was replaced. After having the engine block replaced, I added 3 quarts of oil over the course of 7,500 miles between changes. We started another consumption test, and the light came on again at 1200 miles...needless to say it failed. The car is back at the dealer indefinitely while they pull the engine out/apart again. This was my first new car purchase. I love how the car drives, especially in the snow...and now that Subaru is acknowledging the issue, I am being taken care of...but i am very frustrated that they sold me a car that they knew had this problem. I will post again when they tell me what they find this time. Good luck everybody.

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By jcortes
on 08/29/14 06:57 AM (PDT)

Same problem, excessive oil consumption on subaru forester 2012 with less than 18k miles, there is a lawsuit in relation to this. Any body knows if this lawsuit covers all subaru customers with this problem?

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By luckydog38
on 12/02/14 14:45 PM (PST)

I purchased a Forestor new in 2003. These problems are not new...only morphing for the new engines. My seal went at 80,000. conveniently right at the warranty end and I had to fight for any help from Subaru based on the issue of integrity. They were held up as being darn near indestructable and my seal went as fast asit could with the given warranty. THEN it threw a rod and stranded me on the AA hwy in Ky. I actually replaced the block for aprox $4000 and.......2 years later it has burned oil and is about to throw another. 3 weeks ago I replaced the entire power steering system which had deteriorated over time and a car that should have given me the best bargain for money spent ended up costing more than if I had taken the cheapest competitor. IT IS ALL HYPE PEOPLE. I bought it for aprox 23000.00 in 2002 andwith the additional engine and other system repairs have put in well over 30,000. (w/o including regular basic maintenance. Never a Subaru again for this driver. My wife bought a Honda CRV at the same time and it kept it's value and was sold 12 years later for $7500.00 We are goiung for a Honda "Fit" now.

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By moldtruth
on 01/05/15 12:20 PM (PST)

I have been in the car business for 20 years and currently sell Mazda's. I guess I'm suppose to disclose that. I currently drive a CX-5 and have had no oil burning issue. As a matter of fact in my 20 years I know of know other brand to have this problem of oil burning. It seems to me from what I have read and have been told directly from customers, that Subaru has a real problem. I have read over 250 complaints online and spoken directly to clients with this same problem. All have the same story car is burning oil and they need to take the vehicle in every 1200 miles to have the oil checked. This would be a huge inconvenience for any consumer. I find it interesting that Subaru claims that this is normal to burn this much oil. The fact that your car could burn a extra 100 quarts of oil every 100k miles makes this not a green choice.

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