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Sell My Car Online for Cash in Bloomington, Illinois

Selling your car in Bloomington, Illinois has never been easier. Just enter your VIN or license plate number to start your online offer. Then bring in your vehicle to get your check.

See your car's highest offer.

Compare up to 3 offers to get the best value. Enter your VIN or license plate above to get started.


Your 1st Offer

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Offer Code: ER9CM2|Valid for 7 days

Sell in 3 easy steps

  • Enter VIN or license plate

    Just answer a few questions about your car. No personal info needed.

  • See your cash offer

    Get a redeemable offer. It's good for 7 days: take your time to think it over.

  • Get Paid

    Bring in your vehicle. Go home with a check after a quick inspection.

Why Edmunds?

  • No waiting

    Selling privately means you'll have to wait for the right buyer. We can help you get paid today.

  • No obligation

    There's no commitment. You have 7 days to decide if you want to sell your car.

  • No risk

    We won't ask for personal info: you won't get phone calls from third parties.

How to Sell a Car in Bloomington

How to List, Price, Negotiate and Close the Deal in Bloomington, Illinois

Here are 10 simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash in Bloomington. Everything from pricing to advertising and negotiating is covered in this short, easy-to-follow process.

Steps to Selling Your Vehicle in Bloomington, Illinois

  1. Know the Bloomington Market
  2. Price Your Vehicle Competitively for Bloomington
  3. Give Your Vehicle "Curb Appeal"
  4. Research Where to Advertise Your Vehicle in Bloomington
  5. Create Ads That Sell
  6. Show Your Vehicle
  7. Negotiate for Your Best Price
  8. Address Any Complications That Arise
  9. Finalize the Sale in Bloomington
  10. After the Sale