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Excellent car for a bargain

Zach McDaniel, 10/21/2015
1 4dr Station Wagon (2.2L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought my Saturn L300 2004 in September of 2009 for $5000. It's a salvaged model, but you couldn't tell it from how the car looks and performs. It has a powerful V6 engine with all the get up and go that you need for the highway or quickly maneuvering to avoid a careless driver. The engine is most efficient at 65mph. Going at that speed, I have gone from Morgantown WV to Baltimore MD achieving 32mpg. Between highway and city driving, I usually average at 26mpg. Not bad for an 11 year old V6. It's also very quiet, which is a huge plus for me. What really puts this car head and shoulders above above my previous is the handling. I always feel like I'm in control of the vehicle, even in foul weather. I've been able to take this car into snow storms and pouring rain and still maintain control. While it does take more space to pull a U turn than I'd like, it hasn't been a problem in the field. The interior isn't too special. My car came with cloth seats, a power driver seat, CD player, cassette player, and the premium sound system. The seats are comfortable enough, although the rear seats feel better. The radio console with the CD and cassette player is basic for its day. There is no bluetooth, AUX in jack, or multi-CD functionality. I haven't had any issues with the electronics. My L300 is black with the premium aluminum rims. The look is more class than sport. Although I love the way it looks, the exterior holds my biggest gripe. Because most of the panels are made of plastic, this makes the vehicle aesthetically fragile. Plastic has more give than metal. So, when someone bumps into you, even if it's gentle, you get distortions in the paint from where the plastic flexes. At a distance, you might not notice, but they become obvious as you get closer. The Saturn L300 has been a great car for me. For the price I paid, the value has been amazing. For those who might be on a budget and need a reliable car with great performance, the Saturn L300 is a good choice.

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Excellent Car, Very Sporty

Dennis, 11/05/2010
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I bought this car two years ago. Absolutely the best car I have owned. My wife drove it until about 6 months ago. We bought her a 2009 Saturn Vue. So I chose to keep this L300. Very fun to drive, lots of power and still 26 MPG average. I drive it every day and thoroughly enjoy it. Quick note: Going home one evening at around 60 MPH, a deer runs out and hits the side of my L300. I got stopped to see what the damage was, and there was none. One small scratch where the hoof hit. I had no idea this car had composite panels on the doors. Why don't all vehicles have this. Can't say enough good to describe this car.

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A nice, affordable wagon

thewildhero, 05/13/2014
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I've been driving this car for 4 years, and I love it. It feels great on the road, and was very affordable. Even though I have the 4-cylinder baseline version, I've used this thing for hauling a good amount of stuff, including people that shouldn't have been riding in the back. I do have a few issues with the car, though. The interior materials are a bit cheap. As a result, the seats are a bit uncomfortable and it isn't all that durable. The second issue I have is a big one, writing this review in 2014: repairs are getting to be very expensive for this car. The L-series didn't exactly sell gangbusters, which means parts are getting increasingly hard to find.

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The L300 is a great car!

saturnridder11, 09/06/2011
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We are now finding out that saturns were built how cars were supposed to be built. Rust proof and durable. I this this model is better than the Aura style. We need saturn Back. them Cheesy commercials were funny but didn't represent the quility of theses cars 20 years later we are finding out that they were better than the rest.

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Our Cherry Berry saturn

richard simon, 02/09/2010
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We purchased our Saturn August of 2003. I wanted the 4 cylinder to get the Drive chain. The drive belts break,deteriorate too often. I get 22 mpg city & 30 highway, using cruise control. We have 58000 miles on it now. it has had one brake job. Other than that no repairs. It is our second Saturn, the first was a 2000 SL2. We sold it ourselves in 2003 no problems with it either. First looker bought it. Well, I digress. We have been completely satisfied with this car. too bad they stopped building them. Incidentally my daughter-in-law had a 1999 Sl-1 one of the first she drove it for nine years and my son drove it to work for two.

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