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A great car to own

drfig, 01/12/2010
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Looking back, this has been one great car. Nearly 13 years and 151,000. This was my 5th SAAB. Still fun to drive and looks perfect. other than a minor clear coat issue, I have never had a major problem with car. Usual maintenance, plus water pump (2x), belt tensioner, brakes, tires, exhaust. Thats almost nothing! Shame on GM for messing up and may close SAAB down.

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I miss my Saab...

elleapril, 01/03/2012
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Bought this car for $1500 with 166k miles and it was running amazing. After a few months I wanted everything fixed up real nice so I put about $1000 into it. It always started up for me, even in cold weather (Minnesota) and I loved it. I had no repairs done that were urgent. About 7 months after I bought it I was rear-ended and pushed into another car. My airbags went off and saved me from what could have been a lot worse. I didn't think that much about safety before and just happened to buy a Saab. I am so thankful I did! It's totaled now which is horrible. I miss it quite a bit. I would buy another.

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Saabs flagship model then, now, and always.

saabtastic17, 11/04/2012
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I have owned various Saabs over the years and the 9000 is my favorite by far. My current is my 500 dollar '96 CS auto that I picked up with 125k. I put about 2000 dollar into it getting it back on the road, was days away from the previous owner scrapping it. All that money was just maintence stuff the PO neglected(tires, CV joints, brakes, transmission flush, coolant flush, battery, etc.) Saabs are super realiable, quiet, comfy and fast. I get about 35 mpg on highway. More interior room than a 5 series, the hatch is huge. Great car for long distance trips with the family or friends. Tons of leg/head room. I currently have 158k on it and haven't had to do anything except oil changes!

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Good for School

W.O., 07/14/2008
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I'm now a sophomore in college and I bought this car at the end of my freshmen year. I was a bit hesitant at first because of all the things I hear about Saab's reliability, but the only thing I've done is change the oil when I first bought it. The 9000 shines on the highway where I do most of my driving between home and school. The car can accelerate ridiculously fast anywhere between 20 and 90mph, and this is with a stock engine! My friends and I took the 9000 and my other friends 2006 BMW 325xi to VA Beach this summer, and my friend, playing around, tried to pull away from me on the interstate...he couldn't do it! The Saab easily kept up! Saab has a new loyal fan!

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Excellent Starter Car!

Bimmerboy750, 11/24/2008
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I would definitely recommend any of the 9000 series (CS, CSE, Aero, CDE, etc.) to anyone heading off to college or for their first car. Good acceleration and responsiveness. Love that European vibe that Saabs have. Can not get my car stuck in the snow. I will never get rid of this car!

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