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I love my Saab

My Saab Story, 11/19/2010
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Bought my Saab in 1998, and have refused to replace it, no matter how dinged up it has gotten. I feel incredibly safe in it... it is built like a truck. And, for all its battle scars getting me around all these years. it is still my beautiful, copper-colored Saab. It has needed very few repairs, and when they have been needed I learned early it is best NOT to take it a Saab dealership. One problem is only place to put the coffee is in one coffee slot right over the transmission. Went to Sweden a few years ago and recognized first hand they drink very little coffee.

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4th saab

michaelst, 12/16/2010
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its a great car i had a 20th avn ed 900s T n now i hava 2.3 900s great cars 86 on the 2.0lt turbo was so powerful 80-130 was fun too drive

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Reliable, fun and even practical

GoDucks, 07/03/2009
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I've never had any engine and/or related mechanical problems. The car, even though it's a convertible, has a quieter interior than my Chevy Blazer. I like the four seats, and the back even folds-down to expose a cargo hole into the truck. Much more practical than a miata, S2000, etc. I have carried skis, and 8' pieces of lumber inside my convertible! The bad: the automatic climate control system uses a little fan to sense the inside temperature; that little fan frequently rattles, which can be annoying. The mechanics of the convertible top can be touchy -- $500 in repairs over the last 5 years. Overall good car. EXCELLENT value for money.

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1998 Saab 900-SE Convertible 2.0LTurbo

Angela Carroll, 08/26/2008
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Everything thing is so nice the leather seats and the car alarm and it is very very comfortable to sit in and the air conditioning is nice. It is a very fast car to drive fast as a Mustang. I would refer any to buy this car it is a great car to own!

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Room for Improvement

Lucius Beebe, 05/27/2002
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I've had the car for almost 4 and a half years and have put slightly over 100,000 miles on it. The gas mileage when the car was newer on long, apx. 80mph drives was between 28 and 32 mpg. The car has little performance unless you keep the engine revved up. The car started with a fairly damped, controlled ride, but it quickly deteriorated and now crashes over bumps and is very wallowy in many situations. The car also has bad torque steer and wanders at highway speed. At about 40K miles the manual transmission developed a loud roar/gear whine noise and it has gotten much worse since.

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