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A Zen Machine

Virginian, 04/15/2007
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The most subtle property of the 900 is that there isn't a single straight line on the vehicle. On my first drive to the country, I never missed an arm rest in the center console because of how the body is positioned to work with the steering and instruments. The turbo provides great power and the car has performance handling characteristics. It is a Miata with room, a backseat, and trunk space!

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Very cool car

smiley, 04/14/2009
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This car is so cool to drive; when I make fuel stops I always have someone ask about her. A/C works great! Had a little heater problem but no big deal. She's a 92 but man she's a blast to drive. Power windows in a weird place. Other than that you can't go wrong.

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Great car at great price (used)

Alastair WRP, 09/10/2005
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This is a really fun car to drive and it has stood the test of time (13 years) in terms of reliability and durability. It certainly has its quirks like the funky key placement (accidental coffee spills can cost you a new ignition switch and starter!) and limited visibility and sometimes annoying mysterious electrical issues. Small stuff for a car this old. It drives better than most cars and with over 130000 miles is still rock solid at freeway speeds. Buy a cheap used one and you'll have loads of fun. treat it well and keep up with the basic maintenance and you'll have a great car. They can be picked up very cheap due to age and Saab's appalling depreciation (I would never buy one new!)

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Fun ragtop

racer121, 03/17/2004
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I bought this car at a dealership and it was a trade-in. I knew at the time that it was a rebuilt vehicle but the car was mint. It has been very reliable with minimal problems. Overall, I would suggest if anyone is in the market for a cheap older convertable that isn't tacky looking or doesn't want to spend tons of money on repairs, the Saab 900S is the way to go. The only thing better is the Turbo convertable.

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only by americain cars

bobby, 03/15/2008
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We bought this vehicle in the summer of 2004. At first it seemed like a great vehicle, but a couple of months later, the piece of junk started having problems. Them saabs cost a heck of a lot to repair too because of the foreign parts and exorbitant labor. Talk about crappy fuel economy too. I got 7 miles to the gallon in the winter 10 in the summer. i NO PEOPLE Who have jacked up trucks that get better gas millage than that. Who cares about the environment but getting 4 to 8 miles to the gallon sure as heck hurts your wallet. its had zero power too. After owning it about a year the engine bit the dust. it had freakin 80,000 mile on it. Never buy a saab. Only buy fords, jeeps and chevys

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