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    Very underwhelming after 2000 miles

    Aceadman, 08/20/2019
    2018 Ram Promaster City Tradesman Cargo 4dr Minivan (2.4L 4cyl 9A)
    I was looking for a simple small cargo van and after driving the Promaster City, Ford Transit Connect, and small Nissan van, I chose the Ram. I have to say that after 2000 miles of driving it, I am distinctly not impressed. The transmission seems VERY clunky especially at low speeds. With very light acceleration, at very low speeds, it often seems to almost "sputter" as thought it's … about to stall. For a truck designed for CITY driving, awkward engine performance at LOW speeds is a ridiculous flaw. Motortrend said it has smooth transmission, but I beg to differ. It feels like it shifts 11 times when accelerating from 0 to 45 from a stop. really awkward and jerky. It really NEVER seems like it's in the correct gear, and I am constantly overriding the automatic transmission downshifting as a rule. It has a very rough idle when in gear and stopped. I actually took it back to the dealer in the first week because it seemed broken, but they said that's the way it runs. To me, it shakes worse than my 2003 Subaru Forester, a 16 year old car with issues of its own. Putting it in neutral smooths out the idle but it is still worse than you'd expect in any vehicle in 2018. Cargo space is good and exactly what I need, but it does seem a bit cheaply made. The box seems pretty flimsy when you close any door. Much has been made of the awkward driving position, and I notice it, but it doesn't really bother me. I can adjust to it. Air conditioner works well as does defroster. Haven't really used the heat yet. Rubber gasket on rear door peeled off when pulling something out through the back. I got it back on, but I think that's a bad design. Side doors work well. The little "storage" details are all pretty lousy. But that's no big deal to me. Could EASILY be more ergonomic and usable with really minimal thought and work. The rear brakes are crazy noisy, when it's empty especially. It sounds like they have no pads in the rear and are "scraping" on something rather than slowing the wheels. I thought it might "break in" but did not. If I hadn't had the same issue in the one I test drove, I'd think something was wrong. All in all, the flaws are workable EXCEPT for the transmission/engine performance. It's really annoying and makes the vehicle NO FUN to drive. in 2018, everything should be fun to drive.
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